Rick Watt

02 January 2018

I recently began working with Chris and it has been a fantastic experience. Chris provides an enormous amount of information on his website via webinars and podcasts. With his background in finance, he does a great job of helping to find rental properties that make a solid investment. He has great investment strategy that he shares and was instrumental in helping to find my first investment property that I recently closed on. Chris is a great resource in Denver and has a wonderful team surrounding him.

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    @Alexander Reed as others have pointed out, always get your financing figured out first!Reach out to @Justin Cooper at Pine Financial. He's Denver based, invests himself, has co... See more
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  • SF Bay Area REI Beginner
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    @Roy Mathew Boulder is not much more affordable than SF! I would cross it off the list.  See more
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    @Daniel Green We help clients pick up properties all the time in Aurora in that price range (and under.) You won't find multis in that price range. Ready to go 3 or 4 bedroom co... See more
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