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  • Great deals with great cash flow
    Replied October 1, 2017
    Johnson County is not a cash-flow area.  Missouri side or KCKS is better for cash flow, but prospects of appreciation and the highest quality tenants are less.  Good luck!   See more
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  • My first duplex deal
    Replied May 28, 2017
    Maintenance looks very low to me, especially on a duplex property.  I would have that in the $150 range considering the age of the building.$50 for landscaping - does that inclu... See more
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  • Novice high networth investor eager for feedback on strategies
    Replied March 16, 2017
    One of the benefits to NOT paying cash (using leverage) that is a little less obvious is that your lenders will require impartial appraisals on your purchases.  If the appraisal... See more
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