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  • Mobile Home, no title or VIN on trailer...options?
    Replied January 29, 2018
    Working on a couple of these messes right now. You should be able to find it on the tax record somewhere. Someone has been paying the taxes on it in the past years? If it is lis... See more
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  • How to get started in Mobile home rentals?
    Replied December 31, 2017
    Yes, as a MHP owner I can tell you , it is not something we love to do. Letting someone else have a rental in your park is essential giving up some percentage of control in your... See more
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  • Owner finance on an unlivable property?
    Replied December 31, 2017
    Michelle Robbins I usually come up with a number in my head but don’t tell the buyer that number. Then when you find a buyer with the down payment you kinda car sales man it an... See more
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