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  • Where to get ahold of 'cents on the dollar' SFR assets...
    Started May 17, 2010
    Not much response has been made to my prior posts regarding 'bulk REO'. Perhaps then someone can give some insights about where to find 'cents on the dollar' homes that are NOT ... See more
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  • Bulk REO in/around Jacksonville, FL needed
    Started May 6, 2010
    My buyer is interested in bulk REO in and around Jacksonville, FL. If you have direct, legitimate REO, rather than stock that's already purchased and marked up, please call me a... See more
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  • Need to cherry pick REO around Jax, FL...
    Started April 27, 2010
    Need to have access to a legitimate REO list in and around Jacksonville, FL which I can choose properties from. 1. Properties must be minimum of 60 cents on the dollar 2. Must... See more
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