Steve Flemming

27 April 2009

Doug , thanks for your help with the Cost Est. forms , they were just what I was looking for. I owe you Steve

Stephen N.

27 April 2009

I asked Douglas for some help with postcard marketing and was pleasantly surprised when he graciously helped me. He did it as a favor to me and it was a tremendous help. I wish there were more people like Douglas Christian around to help newbies like me.

Sandra Chinchilla

28 November 2008

Sandra I believe we will work together just fine. Thanks again for responding to my request. Look forward to hearing from you. The dealmaker Charlotte, NC

Eriq Winde

24 December 2008

Unfortunately I have not worked with Eriq as of yet. Do not know if this was accidentally put in as opposed to a colleague request. Pls let me know and I apologize for the mix up.

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