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  • Lender requesting future tax returns
    Replied July 6, 2018
    Very common and a non negotiable point for most commercial lenders above a certain point. Commercial loans often have covenants and annual reporting is only way to test these. ... See more
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  • Blind Pool vs Real Estate Syndicate. What's the difference?
    Replied July 5, 2018
    Real estate syndications can either be for specified one off deals, or can be pooled assets in a fund. The fund assets can be fully, partially or unidentified. All are securit... See more
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  • Are appraisers pulling the market down?
    Replied June 28, 2018
    I agree completely but it’s just what happens. Purchase price should equal value in over 90% of fully marketed transactions, especially in a multiple offer transaction. If my ne... See more
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