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  • Is the short sale completely up to the bank?
    Replied December 2, 2012
    The BPO will determine your short sale offer and approval. Make sure to "influence" it well and ethically. See more
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  • Do All Lenders Require A Short Sale To Be Listed?
    Replied December 2, 2012
    If they require it to be listed, doesn't mean it has to be placed on MLS unless they require which therefore provides you with "non-mls" listed property and more attractive if y... See more
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  • Short sale strategy
    Replied December 2, 2012
    Dude peeps in Hialeah and Miami are just shady...I would stay away from it and let him try and have his cake and eat it too. This neighbor has it out for you. Lets say you end u... See more
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