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  • Short Term REI Wealth Plans for Seniors
    Replied March 2, 2016
    @Bill ManasseroAs an OC Native one thing that you have going for you where you live is strong salaries and job market.  Taking that high(er) income and playing "arbitrage" into ... See more
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  • Good Insurance Companies for Indianapolis, IN
    Replied February 24, 2016
    @Jeff Goedeker and @Mike D'Arrigo thanks for the suggestions.  I am currently with AAA and they are getting expensive (for some reason rates are up in Indy) so I may need to sta... See more
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  • Simple Wholesaling's Brokerage is Having An Open House!
    Replied December 7, 2015
    @Brett Snodgrass I just saw this and it would be great to hear about any future events! Looks like I need to get onto bigger pockets a little more often :) See more
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