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  • Has anybody heard of this
    Replied February 28, 2010
    Buy the note/mortgage or doing short-sale and then sell the house back to you. Doing short-sale and sell back to you is ilegal and is a bank fraud which you caused the financial... See more
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  • Short sale done, received letter from attorney
    Replied February 28, 2010
    The debt and deficiency is VALID. You should sue or blame your realtor. If he or she materialy "promised" you don't owed anything (must be proven) then she got you a bad deal wi... See more
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  • 1% Short Sale Admin Fee by Banks
    Replied December 13, 2009
    Yes. No BoA, CW, Wellsfargo and AHMS (dead on arrival). You will do just fine and will put food on the table for those who do shortsale double close. Doing doulbe close/simu clo... See more
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