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  • Flat Broke and No Funds...What to do???
    Replied July 13, 2018
    @Jason Stoferif you can get a property owner who will sell at a great price then put it under contract and wholesale it. For example , find an apartment for 900k, find a buyer w... See more
    Reply 67 replies
  • Sacramento Military Veteran Questions
    Replied July 10, 2018
    @Shea Bartolinoyes you can use the fha 203 k loan or regular fha loan since you do not have a fha loan in your name now .i have been originating loans and real estate investor f... See more
    Reply 8 replies
  • Out of state investor - Wanting to start in Kansas City
    Replied July 10, 2018
    @Yer Xiongkansas City is much better for cash flow compared to sacramento. You can buy a duplex in kc for 130k that rents for 1300 per month or more, or you can buy a house in n... See more
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I am obtaining homes not on mls that will be sold below market value. These homes also with have excellent cashflow. Here is an example of a purchase price and rents received. You can buy a hou...

Member Blog Inventory of homes for sale in Sacramento increasing

The inventory of homes for sale in Sacramento county has increased for the fourth month in a row. If the inventory increases for another four months we will stop seeing price appreciation.  If inte...

Member Blog Sacramento market year in review 2015

I was completely surprised to see that there were only 1714 homes for sale in all of Sacramento county for December 2015. That is a 20 percent drop in the number of homes for sale in November 2015....