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  • How To Identify Bad "D" Or "F" Class Areas
    Replied July 14, 2018
    I gauge a neighborhood and its quality by a few items.  Obviously, I run census data, get some reliable numbers for socio-economic data.Then it becomes more of an art:How many p... See more
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  • Lease Agreement Clauses
    Replied July 10, 2018
    All this is market driven so where is the property located?You can't really cap occupants of a home, you can charge additional funds, for usage, wear/tear, insurance, etc. I can... See more
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  • Turnkey Properties in the Greater Detroit Area
    Replied July 7, 2018
    @Ali TayehFind the house people want to live in drive a mile away from the house and start working back towards your starting point.Adjust your cost/rent expectations accordingl... See more
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