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  • Is there a good .docx template to show Investors?
    Started July 21, 2015
    I'm looking for a template in .docx or Excel format for a business proposal for a single investor, does anyone have anything that has worked for them as either an investor that ... See more
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  • Experience selling hard goods in Trinidad...
    Started July 8, 2013
    I need some advice in dealing with some connections i've made over the years in Trinidad. I have a small bid, hopefully the first that will lead to other transactions, some gove... See more
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  • Commercial Expansion to Self Storage
    Replied February 28, 2013
    Will, I'd like to hear about this too, things like whether or not expansion is permissible, are there zoning issues, demographics-will the area support the business, are there o... See more
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After you have been in something long enough it's second nature to find what you want, hit the nail right on the head, know what screw size to use, etc. I don't ...