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  • Investor from Southern California (inland empire(
    Replied January 5, 2016
    Hi @David AndreikoWelcome to BP, this is a great website and resource for all types of real estate investing.Our company does flips, rentals and lends money to RE investors. We ... See more
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  • Estimating rehab in Los Angeles sight unseen.
    Replied January 5, 2016
    I honestly don't think there is such a number, the fastest (not only) option is to look at pictures of listing or wholeseller and from there get an estimate but LA is a big mark... See more
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  • Lenders and wholesalers in Los Angeles
    Replied January 5, 2016
    Hi Jeremy,Welcome to BP!Our company lends money to RE investors.Are you a new investor because of your newly formed company or are you a new investor because you have never been... See more
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