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  • Buying in a poor school district.
    Replied February 1, 2011
    "Solid Returns" makes a good point that's worth developing: One is typcially faced with a choice - in varying degrees- between appreciation and income. In my own investing, I st... See more
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  • Ideas/Help 4 Creative Deal ?!?!
    Started November 19, 2009
    Looking for help with a creative deal. 12unit apartment for sale for 250K. 7units occupied. 5 need rehab. Needs new roof (20k) and electrical upgrades, etc.. Building currentl... See more
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  • Looking for Private/Hard-Money in CT
    Started November 17, 2009
    Looking for private investors or private money here in CT for rehab/re-sell and rehab/refinance deals on residential and small commericial multi-family units (2-12 units). I a... See more
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