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  • Hi, I’m hungry, what’s your name?
    Replied June 16, 2018
    @Lupe RodriguezI taught ESL in Korea for 5 years as well.If I could go back, I would invest in Notes. that way I could invest anywhere and live anywhere.If I had started note in... See more
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  • New Member Alan From Illinois
    Replied May 29, 2018
    @Alan Easter welcome to BPGood to see another local investor, I live in Decatur. Let's connect and get together.  See more
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  • How should I prepare for investing while serving overseas?
    Replied May 27, 2018
    @Justin Michael Johnson I lived in Korea for five years.Check out the Seoul Real Estate group on Meetup. I helped found that group when I lived in Korea.As far as going beyond s... See more
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