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Jeff V.

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I have been interested in investing for a long time. Not just Real Estate investing but investing as a whole. I've dabbled in Commodities, FOREX, Stocks and Real Estate.
Commodities - Market moves too fast for me and too volatile. FOREX - Slower moving market but still to fast for my taste and has too much leverage that acts as a double edge sword.
Stocks - I follow Bogleheads method of investing for long term with the correct portfolio mix of index funds and bond funds held in the appropriate tax advantaged account. I still actively invest.
Real Estate - Studied books such as Multiple Streams of Income, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich, A fortune at your feet, OPM - Other Peoples Money, ABC's of Real Estate, Cashflow Quadrant, How to be a quick turn Real Estate Millionaire, Richest Man in Babylon... to name a few. Purchased my own property and learned alot but now ready to take it to the next level.

Looking to invest primarily in Residential Real Estate for cash flow on a part time basis until I can replace my full time job. By day I'm a Network Engineer.

I've followed all of the books advice up to this point. Paid off all debt, established an emergency fund, invested the rest and now at the point to start investing in Real Estate to grow a business that I will be able to teach and pass on to my son.

Looking forward to a bright future in Real Estate.

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