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  • The math just isn't working :(
    Replied June 1, 2018
    Props to you for figuring this out BEFORE you actually buy the property! :-)You would be surprised with how many people don't do this!If you are just looking at the MLS - one "t... See more
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  • Why would I want to buy rat holes?
    Replied June 1, 2018
    These types of properties work - however - only with scale.This is why I don't invest in them.  I want fewer properties and higher revenue per door.I have seen it work TREMENDOU... See more
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  • Why do you want to be superwealthy?
    Replied June 1, 2018
    A lot of great responses here!I personally feel like you can have a greater impact with wealth.  This is why I'm teaching my kids about real estate - they are able to give more ... See more
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Member Blog How I became a real estate investor and a loan underwriter

 It was 2009, and for the past year my business partner and I had tried getting a solar business off the ground.  Eventually, we threw in the towel because of the lack of economics in the space. ...