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  • New motivated Investor
    Replied April 14, 2018
    I like that strategy I just need to get my credit score up, I didn' t know that you could use your benefit in that manner I will need to link up with you on the process.. See more
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  • Financial Model: Multi Family Analysis - Where are the DEALS!?!?
    Replied March 9, 2018
    Hello there I would sure be interested in some assistance analyzing multi family properties.I have been finding a lot of vacant multi units in the 5 - 40 unit range but I am uns... See more
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  • Vacant Apartment Complexes? and why unlisted?
    Replied March 9, 2018
    If you don't want to buy them all perhaps you could do a JV partnership with someone to purchase them, it certainly seems like you have a very motivated seller. See more
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