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  • $520K ready to be invested?
    Started December 13, 2009
    At this time he won't be able to go outside of California. Your website is very nice Bellingham is for sure different than Los Angeles. See more
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  • $520K ready to be invested?
    Started December 13, 2009
    My friend, a retired CPA asked me to find a secured real estate transaction where he can invest up to $520,000. The security should be preferably in California See http://www.l... See more
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  • Want to borrow 50K-100K for 60 days on Pre-sold deal
    Replied December 9, 2009
    check for possible lenders, you are looking at 12% per year and about 4-6 points to avoid prepay . Registration is 100% FREE. Go to http://www.lendingunive... See more
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