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  • Realeflow Investor vs. Freedomsoft 4
    Replied May 13, 2014
    I have used both. I ultimately decided on RF. FS was a little easier to use but RF had more features. They are both good for keeping things organized and in one place. B... See more
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  • Contractors wanting to get paid cash
    Replied April 17, 2014
    My Advise? Find another contractor. Don't ever pay for work up front. Don't ever NOT use solid contracts. I got burned $45,000 last year for not following t... See more
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  • What's Your Top Tip for New Real Estate Investors?
    Replied November 2, 2011
    When I started out I was focusing on all the wrong things. -company logo -business entity -creating the perfect website -what phone number should i use? -etc. Not one of thes... See more
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