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  • REO newbie with homes looking to Unload
    Replied January 2, 2009
    Kudos to "Dawn V" for anexcellent reply to a great problem to have...the other method which works well for us is...."AUCTION". Ever known of anything that didn't sell for *more... See more
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  • Ouch...
    Started October 17, 2008
    Right here, right now, I can almost guarantee NO ONE on these forums has had two deals in two weeks... ...fall out. If any of my constituents has, please allow me to buy you a... See more
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  • Is a Real Provider here?
    Replied October 14, 2008
    God Jeff is funny...always keep your sense of humor...OK Jeff...I'll see your trillion and raise you a *billion*...(Insert Dr. Evil laugh here.) See more
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