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  • Office vs. Industrial vs. Apartments - Advice?
    Replied December 19, 2006
    I own 81 apartment units. While I have management companies, you would not believe some of the stories that I could tell. Generally people invest in apartments because of the ... See more
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  • Need Cash-out Refi
    Replied December 19, 2006
    They just started a new product for commercial properties that you can get a line of credit (second mortgage) with stated income and no appraisal. That's going to be way cheape... See more
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  • have a commercial property in tahoe that needs to be develop
    Replied December 19, 2006
    Okay, here's the deal. Although you may not know much about development, the cost to joint venture would be crazy unless you are just seeking the funds to bring this about. I ... See more
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