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  • potential wholesale deal
    Replied August 10, 2015
    @William Rankins you need to go in and figure all of the cost of the rehab if it needs any, take that off of the ARV make any adjustments as you think you may need then take off... See more
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  • Car Magents Don't Work
    Replied June 30, 2015
    @Tanner M, I am not sure about writing off every mile but you can write the mileage off going to look at a property, I would ask your cpa or maybe someone else in b.p. might know. See more
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  • Showing an REO to an Investor
    Replied June 6, 2015
    If you tie up the property with a contract and it's a really good deal they will be more than willing to give you more money than what the bank is asking. My advice would be to ... See more
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