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    Started March 14, 2009
    I have been getting a few e-mails for requests on buying Mobile Homes. This one chapter and the laws within have brought me many mobile homes. I hope this answers some of the q... See more
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  • How many of you SUCCESSFUL investors..
    Replied January 21, 2013
    By Successful I assume you mean that I make more money then I could working a job. If that is true. I have No college. I would never waste my time with it. I do not see it as a... See more
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  • Starting Out Investing In Mobile Homes. Good Or Bad Idea?
    Replied January 21, 2013
    Originally posted by Deborah Mettler:I manage a MHP and if you came to me and stated what this "so called instructor" told you to say, I would just laugh! Mobile homes are not... See more
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There are several reasons why I believe that park managers are the fastest road to success with finding good deals on mobile homes.   Every mobile home I have in Texas, was from a referral fr...

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The last few months, I have been placing great effort into attracting a Spanish audience for my mobile homes for sale. I mean let’s face it, In Texas the only real population growth that can be cou...

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Selling your Mobile Home in this economy can be a daunting task. Financing for used mobile homes has truly dried up and most buyers do not have $20,000 cash under their mattress to hand you.  So th...