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Jason R. Hanson is a former CIA Officer who left the government to run his highly profitable real estate investing business.

He’s the author of The Covert Guide to Real Estate Wealth: Confessions of a Former CIA Officer. He is also the founder of National Real Estate Investor Month.

Jason’s specialty is his Marketing Espionage method which is the #1 way to attract a never ending stream of motivated sellers.

In addition to his investing business, he does privacy and security consulting, where he helps people become “invisible” and also better protect their homes and families.

He is an Eagle Scout, and in his free time enjoys exploring the outdoors.

Here are just a few notes from people who’ve discovered Jason’s real estate secrets…

“Jason has taught me to CLOSE sales with subject-to, instead of going on and on about subject-to THEORY. I bought one subject-to house in a week with his scripts, then put a rent to own tenant in the property, and made a profit of $3,000.00.”

--Benjamin Gadway, Albany, NY

“I ripped of your direct marketing piece almost word-for-word (with your permission) and sent out 1,000 letters to date. With the first batch of 400 letters my response was incredible! I am scheduled to sign an agreement for contract to wholesale a subject-to contract… I will be collecting $3,500 up front. I have ANOTHER deal from that first batch of letters. A lease/option deal. It is an out of state owner with a vacant property who has agreed to lease me the property at $350 below market rent and I have an option to purchase around 50% of fair market value.”

“And lastly, I am still negotiating a straight subject-t0 deal with a lot of equity that I hope to get, it's in really nice shape. I can’t thank you enough or explain how much your information has gotten me on course with my real estate goals. With your help I have a system in place and some serious new goals that I KNOW I will reach. Thanks again Jason!”

--Chase Henneman, Logan, UT

Jason Hanson is by far, the best at what he does. Make people money! He helped me do five deals including an apartment building and made this business simple. I now have the confidence to close unlimited deals.

--Faith Hughes, Manassas, VA

Thank you so much for helping me get my first rental property and showing me how to get more money than the going rents for my area. I couldn’t have done it without you and can’t believe how much more you’ve taught me than anyone else.

--Richard Davies, Asheville, NC

“Jason Hanson has taught me more about real estate investing in the past year than I have learned from my local REIA group, other investors, and all the books I've read combined! His strategies from creating a winning mindset to buying and selling real estate are comprehensive, yet simple to understand and put into action the very next day.

Because of his ongoing assistance, extensive knowledge, and encouragement, my real estate investing business is far more successful than it would have been without his help (Without Jason, I would not have been in a position to quit my job after six month of his coaching). I am now known as the lease option "guru" in my local REIA and was voted to its board last month, all thanks to Jason.”

--Roger Hendricks, Jacksonville, FL

“I wanted to thank you so much for teaching me about investing using lease options. There are so many books out there that were so confusing, however you made things very simple and clear. Thank you for being so patient and such a good teacher. I would highly recommend others to learn how to invest in real estate from you.”

--Sara Davies, Temecula, CA

“Thank you so much for providing me with answers to all my real estate questions. I have taken your advice, and applied it to my own investments. I could not have done this without you. Please continue helping people with their real estate questions and concerns. It is hard to find people with as much patience, honesty, and integrity as you. Thank you again, and take care.”

-Randy Gosslinger, Louisville, KY

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