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  • Toledo, OH Lead Paint Ordinance Compliance
    Replied June 5, 2018
    @Burke Ericson, I will answer your question based on my experience as a landlord with this issue. There are others on this board, @Adam A. in particular who is a landlord and an... See more
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  • Insurance for apartment building with 60 amp electric service
    Started August 27, 2013
    @Daniel Kurkowski, I've had several licensed electricians tell me that 60 amp service is plenty for some buildings. If for instance @Joseph Hammel's building is all one bedroom ... See more
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  • Help Me Analyze this Apartment
    Replied March 8, 2018
    Drew, I've owned lots of apartments in the area you are referring (2289 Upton, 2445 W. Bancroft, 2155 Perth to name a few....sold them a couple years ago), so I'm very familiar ... See more
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