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  • Rent Collection Agency
    Replied August 31, 2016
    Never had to go through anything like this but my first inclination would be to just cut your losses and move on. Looking at the situation, the tenant was delinquent in rent pay... See more
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  • Clever Investor - Your First Million in Real Estate Course
    Replied May 10, 2016
    @Sonya B. My opinion is to steer clear of these types of courses. I've never attended one, but from what I hear, they usually "rope" you in by offering you a free seminar for a ... See more
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  • How does pml get paid back from buy and holds
    Replied May 10, 2016
    @Kenny LewisAs @J Scott said... it's really up to you and your lender. Since your lender will be a family member you actually have more flexibility in the terms of the loan then... See more
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