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  • are developers holding onto property longer
    Replied December 5, 2008
    I dont know if the value of anything that anyone owns is ever under their control..............but I think that the answer to the question on the topic is obvious....Developers ... See more
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  • Ok, I have a piece of land and an idea in mind... Whats next?
    Replied December 5, 2008
    So if you put it all together......After following Jons advice which I think should be the initial step, then you should get right into the numbers in general and then specifica... See more
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  • Locating Private Lenders
    Replied December 5, 2008
    Mike: I have to go with the cup of coffee....nothing beats the personal touch when it comes to investments. However not everyone has an inventory of resources to have coffee wi... See more
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