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Sam Kuria

14 May 2010


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Member Blog Where is THE MORTON salt top?

Geez! When it RAINS, it pours! I "live" in Morton country! Cannot find my dang top neither! Well, another GURU "tip" bites the dust-humn, I should/could WRITE a book for the NEWBIE beginner-on BEWA...

Member Blog Wanted to learn from a "youngster"

Do you need a vacation? Need to see St. Simons Island, or Jekyll? Wanna stay for FREE?Barter with you, the youngster, need, seeking mentor for Mortgage assignments or notes purchase, tax liens, wha...

Member Blog Need notebuyers NOW!

WANTED: NOTEBUYERS of commercial up to $30 mil, and residential $295k and $175,000, contact me at [email protected] for prticulars, data.