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  • What city is the best for buying real estate (houses) and than renting it?
    Replied December 27, 2009
    I've had pretty good luck in Boise, Idaho. I'd like to qualify that however by saying that there are good areas and bad areas of any city. Two of the rentals that I own are cl... See more
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  • The Life of a Realtor
    Replied April 11, 2009
    ^^^^ Alec Baldwin nailed that scene! It's an interesting look into how real estate used to be for agents. Buying leads and closing them is pretty outdated but is alive and wel... See more
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  • How to sell houses FAST in a really slow market
    Replied April 11, 2009
    Good tips! Always remember: Fish where the fish are. You'll be surprised at how few people follow that simple advice. TIP #6- If 85% of the sold market is in single family d... See more
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