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  • Managing Your Property Manager - making $1000/hr
    Started January 27, 2018
    @Corby Goade - My PM does a great job of screening tenants and they are on-the-spot on top of things about getting out notices and such.  I've talked with them and they are real... See more
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  • Managing Your Property Manager - making $1000/hr
    Started January 27, 2018
    I believe in using a good property manager - and I have one.  But you still have to be involved.  I've recently saved $1500 on one of my houses with about 1.5 hours of my time -... See more
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  • THDA loan on manufactured home in TN
    Started December 28, 2017
    This question is specific to TN.  Does anyone know if the THDA loan program can be used by retail buyers in TN for a double-wide on a permanent foundation?  If so, is there a 10... See more
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Yep, the title to this blog refers to motivated buyers.  And you do NOT want to be one of them.I often see newbies on here who are so excited to get that first lead.  And that's great!  Great progr...

Member Blog Earn More By Becoming A Realtor

Man, I see the question on here so often.  "Should I become a Reatltor?".Yes.  And beyond the benefits of MLS access, becoming a Realtor can put more money in your pocket.  No, I'm not talking abou...

Member Blog Bad News is Good News in Real Estate

I tend to gripe and complain too much.  And I can be too negative.  I'll admit it.  It's a character trait that I am working on.  This trait was especially active in more former cubicle-world j-o-b...