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  • My first mailing list criteria please critique
    Replied September 22, 2013
    List looks great to me too, Roc. Might I recommend 2+ Bath? You'll find that many of your buyers are rehab'ers, and many rehab'ers don't like anything less than 2 BA - hard... See more
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  • Yellow Letters/Mailing List
    Replied September 21, 2013
    Hi Windie, I recommend going to to snag a nice buyers list. Some might tell you to get a list of potential sellers, but they be wrong :) Buyers first, Se... See more
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  • 216-unit in Atlanta, GA *HOT* seeks funding for rehab or buyer
    Started September 11, 2013
    Thanks J, The thoroughness of due diligence I'm even capable of for commercial properties at this point, ESPECIALLY in external markets, would almost certainly be le... See more
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There are so many different ways to make money in real estate. SO many.  So if you're new to it (or even been at it for a little while), the question I have heard, in one form or another, most...

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Comps, comps, COMPS, everyone wants comps! Realtors, brokers, investors, rehab'ers, heck John and Susie moving into their first home have even got this one down! But who has the time for all t...

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After the 4th time in 2 days being asked the same question about real estate investing and wholesaling, my Pavlovian response was to salivate. Wait, no that was Pavlov. Or Pavlov's dog. Or so...