Christian Lincoln

11 March 2014

Fantastic. Knowledgeable and attentive and tons of experience.

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    Replied November 15, 2016
    Originally posted by @Paul Martin: I am a native of Gardner, Mass living in Colorado for most of the last 20, investing here for the past three.  I would like to look towards ... See more
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  • The Boston Investors' Networking Event - September 14th
    Replied August 22, 2016
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Member Blog It's Been Awhile, How is the Marketing Going?

It has been close to a year since I have updated my Blog here.So much for using this to hold myself accountable for my marketing campaigns.  :)Well it has been a long year.  Not many deals and the ...

Member Blog The costs and benefits of fixing a house before selling - Case#1

Each year Hanley Wood puts of a report looking at the Cost vs. Value of a variety of home improvement projects. In this article we will look at the Remodeling 2014 Cost vs. Value Report to see wha...

Member Blog My interview on “Let’s Talk Real Estate Podcast” Part 1

Really excited that I recently did an interview with BP maven @Sharon Vornholt on her podcast. Great talk and lots of great information we shared in it.Here is a link to listen to the first half o...