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  • Forming LLC?
    Replied April 20, 2018
    some other considerations are in the terms of the bank. For example, I have purchased properties - small (2-4 units) multi families under an LLC, and the interest rates are alig... See more
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  • Paging all Philly and Delco wholesalers
    Started August 31, 2017
    In a soon to be written blog post I will share my story of growing a real estate business to the point of leaving a high paying day job to be a full-time real estate investor. ... See more
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  • $210k Folsom PA duplex - negotiated below list - COC 14% CR 9%
    Started July 25, 2017
    Hi Shanna, I am available to chat. Let me know your preferred method and availability. Thanks See more
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