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  • Financing Needed 3bed 2 Bath house Taylor, TX
    Started November 19, 2017
    Hello,I need some assistance. I have a property in Taylor, TX 76574 that I need to refinance. This is a fix and flip property that has an outstanding note of $127,000. The ARV i... See more
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  • Do I have to use new appliances?
    Replied May 17, 2017
    It depends on the appliance in question. If you have a stove that is relatively new and is clean go ahead and reuse it, same for micro-hood. I always put in new dishwashers thou... See more
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  • Question about the 70% rule
    Replied May 17, 2017
    I guess I've been doing it wrong all along. I subtract my costs from ARV and then apply the 70% to it. I think the answer to your question is the same as the difference between ... See more
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May 21, 2011Hi,So I've spent the week going through different websites, catching up on my e-mail, and I started a real estate investment course.  Here are the top things I learned this week:1.  Tim...

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