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  • Need Help with Short Sales?
    Started March 22, 2014
    I have been doing short sales for 5 years. Currently, I work with a title agency and several real estate agents in Florida processing short sales. If anyone is buying propert... See more
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  • Promissory Note
    Started February 9, 2014
    How can I sell promissory note? Does it have to be a recorded one? I get a monthly payment that has 3 more years. I would like to get some money out of it now. See more
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  • Paying for private funds 12% interest or 15% of the profit
    Started October 5, 2013
    My partner and I buy distressed properties and rehab them for resale. We are looking for private investors with possibly 401k or IRA money that can be converted to self-directed... See more
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