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  • Christchurch Student Searching Partnership
    Replied June 18, 2018
    @Xavier Wood, Hadar is a great guy I've known him a very long time, finding deals for him would be a really good way to get some experience and make some money! See more
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  • Wholesale right to retail
    Replied June 13, 2018
    @Austin Sanne, there are no issues really providing your attorney/title company is familiar with the process. I have done many deals like this, usually with portfolios rather th... See more
    Reply 9 replies
  • Buyers asking about my assignment fee?
    Replied June 12, 2018
    I wonder if this divide comes from the realtor/investor who as a realtor has an obligation usually to serve the best interests of the seller and a straight investor who has an o... See more
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