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I wasn't born wealthy, and when I started real estate investing, there didn't seem to be affordable real estate investment training I could trust. That's why I started to send out videos on Youtube to spread the message to as many people as possible - that you don't have to be born wealthy to become wealthy. You probably have that same issue - you need someone to ask advice from, but everyone is either too busy or 10k to get advice from! Either way, that doesnt work for the majority of people who want to become investors.

For that reason, I created this blog, to help people where i had no one to help me be this person you can ask advice from. If you want 90% of your newbie questions answered, sign up for my newsletter where I send out amusing stories to keep you entertained, and to educate you, on getting your first rental property.

I have 4 properties, all purchased for 35k and under. My 5th property is my home we half converted to a duplex, and rent out the bottom portion on airbnb ~9 days out of the month. I did all of this having a foreclosure, and having to come up with very clever strategies and tricks.I have created the Leveraged Analysis Technique for systematically finding/vetting working class neighborhoods (WCNs). I am currently generating $3,700 in income each month through all of these sources (rentals, airbnb), and recommend them to be a part of your portfolio
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