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  • $11,000. How should I use it?
    Replied September 16, 2016
    Cody, my advice is a little different. It is the advice I give my students that don't have a lot of money to get their business going. I would start with a small fixer upper. Yo... See more
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  • New Member Intro
    Replied August 21, 2015
    Welcome to the greatest business around. Let me know if I can ever help you or answer questions. It takes a little tenacity to get started, but then it is a very well paying bus... See more
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  • What is a quit claim deed and leins on the property?
    Replied August 21, 2015
    A QCD transfer whatever rights one has to the property to the other party. So if the Grantor owns the property 100%, then they are passing total ownership to the Grantee. On the... See more
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