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  • Sacramento MeetUP - Summit at the Guild w/ Brian Burke
    Replied February 19, 2016
    Hi @J.Martin. Thanks for the Tag. We have been busy with the start up, I haven't been to the meet ups in months :( I miss the gang! Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend this... See more
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  • San Jose Meetup - Thursday 6/18/15
    Replied June 7, 2015
    @Johnson H. so, it's on a Thursday and @Minh Le is not gonna be there. It's like you're telling me not to come LOL. But I'll try to make it and bring @Kristian Widjaja along sin... See more
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  • San Jose Meetup - Thursday 5/7/15
    Replied May 5, 2015
    Thanks @Minh Le I might need to be back soon since it's a school night (never thought that I'm still restricted by school night at this age *sigh*)Someone outbid me and I made a... See more
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