In order to try to help our users build more trust for themselves, we've created a system that allows a user to "verify" their identity. These users are not vetted by BiggerPockets and we cannot and will not vouch for them or their posted credentials.

That said, users with Verified accounts have done the following to earn the "Verified" badge:
Connected a credit card and/or a cell phone to their account as well as connected their profiles to outside major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, G+ or LinkedIn.

How do I know if someone is verified?
Verified users will have the verification symbol () next to their forum posts, blog posts, and on their profile.

What's the value of being verified?
The BiggerPockets verification icon helps establish trust and makes it easier for users to find you and your content. It tells others that they can find out more information about you through 3rd party networks which are linked from your profile.

I want to verify my account, what do I do?
First, you’ll need to connect your credit card AND/OR phone to your account. To connect your credit card, you would need a Pro or Plus account on the site. If you've connected just your cell or card, you'd need to connect to 2 outside social networks. If you've connected both your credit card and phone, you'd only need to connect to 1 outside social network.

To connect to other networks, go to our Connections page.