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This is the place to share your real estate success stories. Share your success to help inspire others and to build up your credibility! If you've accomplished something in your real estate business lately, we hope you'll let others know about it here.

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First Flip San Antonio
Started by Florencio Moreno
9 Tiny_1399680578-avatar-c2acqi Last post by Chad Clanton
about 2 hours ago
Cat Litter House: Flip # 653 and it could be the worst one yet. Look at the pics and you decide.
Started by Brian Burke
275 Tiny_1399748347-avatar-starchanger Last post by Karyn Tapley
about 18 hours ago
$1,000,000 net worth at 25 years old.
Started by Jerry Stone
50 Tiny_1415034655-avatar-liquidators Last post by Pavel Sakurets
about 22 hours ago
Most Recent Flip, $58K Profit, Pics and Numbers
Started by Jonathan C.
8 Tiny_1416587570-avatar-ljfent Last post by Larry Freeman
about 22 hours ago
Multi-Family reposition in Los Angeles - Lots of Photos
Started by Eyal B.
27 Tiny_1398851615-avatar-ocbroker Last post by Gabe Cole
1 day ago
1% with seller financing and no rent control in the Bay Area!!!
Started by Arlen Chou
31 Tiny_1418752706-avatar-jgskupien Last post by Jessica Skupien
1 day ago
How did you get started with Rental Properties?
Started by Chance Cooper
5 Tiny_1418084867-avatar-jayshapiro Last post by Jay Shapiro
2 days ago
(VIDEO) Baltimore Tax Lien - Yet Another BP Tag Team Deal
Started by J Scott
48 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Seth Sherman
2 days ago
NEW achievement in my investing! Hired my first handy man...
Started by Joshua Daniels
9 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Bruce Olsen
2 days ago
6 months deal, closed yesterday
Started by Kevin Tran
1 Tiny_1418443056-avatar-fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
2 days ago
Giving Back To Community in which we live and Invest!!!
Started by Derrick Craig
26 Tiny_1399319639-avatar-memphisinvest Last post by Chris Clothier
3 days ago
Success without a mentor. Anyone?
Started by Andri Artayudianto
21 Tiny_1418621135-avatar-andri Last post by Andri Artayudianto
3 days ago
Real Life of a Private Lender - Should I Start this Thread? Your opinion needed
Started by Wendell De Guzman
45 Tiny_1399696952-avatar-mister4closure Last post by Wendell De Guzman
3 days ago
Real Life of a Real Estate Investor
Started by Wendell De Guzman
417 Tiny_1417035985-avatar-mpajvani Last post by Kumar Paj
3 days ago
Turned a $52k condo into $6250 in rent / month. Forget 2%, This is an 8.3% PROPERTY!
Started by Jack Tucker
48 Tiny_1399708321-avatar-shepnerd Last post by Darrell Shepherd
4 days ago

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