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Real Estate Success Stories

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This is the place to share your real estate success stories. Share your success to help inspire others and to build up your credibility! If you've accomplished something in your real estate business lately, we hope you'll let others know about it here.

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From 0 to 8 Rentals in Just 4 Months!
Started by Ehab Shoukry
41 Tiny 1439827827 avatar rdossey1 Last post by Ryan D.
12 minutes ago
How I turned $10k into a $50k Line of Credit
Started by Eric Smith
65 No avatar tiny Last post by Annette Ayres
about 1 hour ago
How to Grow 40% a year (according to us)
Started by David Richter
1 Tiny 1399727340 avatar shelton Last post by Shelton Love
about 2 hours ago
Opening the Kimono: My Out-of-State REI Experience
Started by Michael L.
50 Tiny 1401468445 avatar bayislandsaver Last post by Michael L.
about 2 hours ago
My little success (so far) story
Started by Walker Jamar
5 Tiny 1414940824 avatar l3rner Last post by Bryan Otteson
about 3 hours ago
Rentals 4 and 5 closed today
Started by Linda Weygant
39 Tiny 1430321621 avatar siraja Last post by Siraj Ahmed
about 4 hours ago
My BRRR Success
Started by Bryan H.
14 Tiny 1414538041 avatar valoaner Last post by Darrell D.
about 6 hours ago
How BiggerPockets created 100k in net worth in 4 months
Started by David Jackson
91 Tiny 1440977886 avatar danb34 Last post by Dan Banks
about 7 hours ago
Success Story. Double closed my first deal
Started by Federico Gutierrez
3 Tiny 1399356220 avatar brandonatbp Last post by Brandon Turner
about 7 hours ago
Started by Nick Britton
20 Tiny 1440879658 avatar nbritton70 Last post by Nick Britton
about 21 hours ago
Retired At 40 years old (Busy Professional To Full Time Investor)
Started by Rahul Visal
60 Tiny 1427916013 avatar erikatherealtor Last post by Erika Carter
1 day ago
$35K profit double assignment
Started by Brandon Ingegneri
10 Tiny 1429064029 avatar karlk Last post by Karl Krentzel
1 day ago
My First Flip - An Amazing Experience!
Started by Tim G.
73 Tiny 1399782442 avatar happytravels Last post by Laura R.
1 day ago
We just purchased a 2.55 Acre Commercial Lot for $500.00 Total...
Started by Steven Butala
12 Tiny 1434034589 avatar tsanfilippo Last post by Tony SanFilippo
2 days ago
Property Crime. A Cautionary tale that all investors should read.
Started by James Wise
6 Tiny 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
2 days ago
The Newbie Odyssey
Started by Bryan Rodriguez
9 Tiny 1439885764 avatar garrettf3 Last post by Garrett F.
3 days ago
2nd, 3rd, 4th, and possibly 5th deals after deal 1 success
Started by David Kosiorek
49 Tiny 1435013724 avatar vincentc8 Last post by Vincent Crane
3 days ago
Bought a duplex for $5,000 out of pocket!
Started by PJ Muilenburg
1 No avatar tiny Last post by Keith Schwoerke
3 days ago

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