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This is the place to share your real estate success stories. Share your success to help inspire others and to build up your credibility! If you've accomplished something in your real estate business lately, we hope you'll let others know about it here.

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I made $187,861 NET profit on this flip!
Started by Andy M.
93 Tiny_1401641646-avatar-r3n3g4d3 Alex T.
about 3 hours ago
Cat Litter House: Flip # 653 and it could be the worst one yet. Look at the pics and you decide.
Started by Brian Burke
239 Tiny_1399785910-avatar-brokertb29 Toshia Booker-Blakeley
about 9 hours ago
$27k on my first flip!
Started by Dan Costantino
42 Tiny_1399666986-avatar-dancostantino Dan Costantino
about 11 hours ago
Found A Deal FINALLY! Closed on it today...
Started by John Thedford
2 No_avatar_tiny John Thedford
about 12 hours ago
Planning with Flexibility
Started by David Light
1 Tiny_1408074059-avatar-hdizmond Hattie Dizmond
about 24 hours ago
How I finally found a mentor!
Started by Alejandro Saenz
5 Tiny_1406904869-avatar-timsh3l Alejandro Saenz
2 days ago
Change of Status - 6 month challenge
Started by Bill S.
38 Tiny_1406122198-avatar-ltbp Larry Turowski
2 days ago
Journey of a New Note Investor
Started by Bob Estler
92 Tiny_1399592679-avatar-mdterp84 Jim Farrell
2 days ago
Started as a fix and flip, ended up a wholesale deal
Started by Larmon Cummings Jr
8 Tiny_1399699388-avatar-ecolegrove Elizabeth C.
3 days ago
I bought a Lamborghini!
Started by Mark Ferguson
61 Tiny_1399676465-avatar-investfourmore Mark Ferguson
3 days ago
Real Life of a Real Estate Investor
Started by Wendell De Guzman
296 No_avatar_tiny J V.
3 days ago
Harrisburg, PA area
Started by Brad Glenn
0 Tiny_1399702923-avatar-glennproperties Brad Glenn
3 days ago
7 signed contracts in 7 days, man I'm TIRED!
Started by Mark Updegraff
3 Tiny_1399654114-avatar-jdwlaw Jerry W.
3 days ago
Thanks Facebook...Second wholesale deal closed!
Started by Mike Webb
2 Tiny_1399738764-avatar-jonathanscott Jonathan Makovsky
3 days ago
6 figure profit from a yellow letter
Started by Jon Klaus
11 Tiny_1399665215-avatar-lynnontheweb Lynn Currie
3 days ago
3 for 1 Owner Finance Deal ----our 2nd investment
Started by Shelly Swanzy
2 No_avatar_tiny Shelly Swanzy
3 days ago

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