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First Flip Complete! Listed today!
Started by Nathan Lenahan
44 Tiny 1410730031 avatar n8lenahan Last post by Nathan Lenahan
1 minute ago
NO MONEY DOWN! :) Just closed on my 3rd property...
Started by Lisa Perez
119 No avatar tiny Last post by Dominic G.
about 1 hour ago
On to the next one!
Started by Chris Sciolino
6 Tiny 1434132992 avatar varook Last post by Chris Sciolino
about 1 hour ago
My excellent day: Two deals and passed my real estate licensing exam!
Started by Nancy Brook
16 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
about 2 hours ago
7,000th post.
Started by James Wise
81 Tiny 1399698864 avatar fritzbucyrus Last post by James Wise
about 2 hours ago
8% Cap Rate to 23% Cap Rate in 30 Days - Miami, Florida
Started by Carlos Rovira
4 Tiny 1436282250 avatar enischuo Last post by Tom Mendez
about 11 hours ago
Please post your FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE stories here...
Started by Jon S.
4 Tiny 1438140381 avatar jons21 Last post by Jon S.
about 11 hours ago
Started by Eric Smith
0 Tiny 1416598736 avatar ericsmith123 Last post by Eric Smith
about 12 hours ago
Just closed my 25th transaction!
Started by Scott Schuetz
15 Tiny 1430319887 avatar tristanc Last post by Tristan C.
about 16 hours ago
FINALLY!!! Closed on my 203K.
Started by Arthur Banks
39 Tiny 1437910944 avatar carlosf1 Last post by Carlos Fernandez
about 17 hours ago
Closed on a fourplex!
Started by Matt Slakey
2 Tiny 1436647002 avatar rch llc Last post by Michael Durand
about 20 hours ago
$10k on First Wholesale Deal
Started by Troy S.
49 Tiny 1431379763 avatar torim2 Last post by Tori Manuel
1 day ago
Closing my first deal tomorrow.
Started by William Collins
38 Tiny 1399681385 avatar brewerbill Last post by William Collins
1 day ago
First Double-Escrow flip
Started by Willny Guifarro
1 Tiny 1438093973 avatar brionne Last post by Brionne Moss
2 days ago
Selling high end real estate
Started by Shannon Davis
2 Tiny 1436139414 avatar shannond6 Last post by Shannon Davis
2 days ago
It's official... Today I bought my fist REI.
Started by Kevin Doyle
20 Tiny 1421354194 avatar kevind5523 Last post by Kevin Doyle
2 days ago
First Property Story: Success and (mostly embarrassing) failures
Started by Theo Hicks
24 Tiny 1429057626 avatar theoh Last post by Theo Hicks
2 days ago
NYC Resident | Bought My First Property in CT
Started by Ben Rutkevitz
13 Tiny 1399710852 avatar ladyinvestor42 Last post by Charmaine M.
3 days ago

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