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Mobile homes and mobile home parks are in a league all by themselves. Discuss these particular investment properties here.

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I bought a ZOO today.. well not quite but a MHP
Started by Jay Hinrichs
22 Tiny_1399786599-avatar-georgeniko Last post by George Nikolakakos
about 2 hours ago
Mobile Home Investing for New Investors
Started by Jarrett Schaef
1 Tiny_1421774684-avatar-ario Last post by Ariel O.
about 7 hours ago
Where To go To Learn Everything about Mobile Home?
Started by Garrett Gable
1 Tiny_1399649463-avatar-sweetgumga Last post by Curt Smith
about 7 hours ago
$ per pad in MHP investment
Started by Tony Gunter
6 Tiny_1398869539-avatar-jim_johnson Last post by Jim Johnson
1 day ago
Starting an RV Park: How much is an on site sewage treatment plant?
Started by Mike Gennaro
24 Tiny_1399532066-avatar-propertysolved Last post by Tiffany H.
1 day ago
First MHP purchase, need help with valuation
Started by Kelly Skeval
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kelly Skeval
1 day ago
Mobile Home Park Drive Through
Started by William Stanhope
2 Tiny_1421968188-avatar-deltadawnyoung Last post by Dawn Young
1 day ago
Mobile Home Park Investing Questions
Started by Curtis Hart
8 Tiny_1424144553-avatar-samc4 Last post by Sam Cari
1 day ago
MHP tenancy approval and investors
Started by Dave C.
2 Tiny_1425220945-avatar-davec5 Last post by Dave C.
2 days ago
Clearwater Florida MHP
Started by Glen Stygar
3 Tiny_1399724590-avatar-robcurls Last post by Robert Curls
3 days ago
Started by Tee Allen
5 Tiny_1421968188-avatar-deltadawnyoung Last post by Dawn Young
3 days ago
Texas Oil Boom Worries?
Started by Ariel O.
16 Tiny_1421848914-avatar-cal_c Last post by Cal C.
4 days ago
Mobile home on its own lot- Selling MH on terms
Started by Dave C.
3 Tiny_1417490837-avatar-marksd Last post by Mark Gruetzmacher
4 days ago
Double-wide durability
Started by Tanner Glenn
4 Tiny_1405088279-avatar-tony1227 Last post by Tony Gunter
5 days ago
Mobile Home Park Meetups in DFW?
Started by Anthony Aguillard
10 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Dmitri L.
6 days ago
Talk me out of it.....
Started by Shelli Callan
1 Tiny_1422972530-avatar-howarda1 Last post by Howard Abell
6 days ago
Under Sink Hot Water Instant Circulating System
Started by Troy Bevans
22 Tiny_1399433826-avatar-aman Last post by Aman S.
7 days ago
How would you fix burst pipes in cold ND?
Started by Steven Johnson
10 Tiny_1399607417-avatar-lsquared Last post by Aaron A.
9 days ago
Started by James Gravitt
5 Tiny_1412557279-avatar-jasonscott Last post by J Scott
9 days ago
Mobile Home Park Purchase, Good Deal?
Started by Louis Cavallaro
7 Tiny_1424228411-avatar-fomac Last post by Jeff McCaskey
10 days ago

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