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Looking to invest in commercial real estate? Discuss investing discuss CRE strategies, property management, financing, fundraising & syndication topics surrounding office buildings, retail property, industrial property.

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First commercial deal: Corner lot of two highways with old buildings? How do I know it's a good deal
Started by Mark Bradford
5 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
about 3 hours ago
What to do with $3 million?
Started by Tom Sylvester
7 Tiny_1399550370-avatar-akumpis Aristotle Kumpis
about 8 hours ago
Hotel/resort management rights, do they exist in the US?
Started by Andrew O.
0 Tiny_1399586935-avatar-oppo84 Andrew O.
about 10 hours ago
Commercial Lender with 100% LTV
Started by Raj Tirur
8 Tiny_1399658726-avatar-propertybuyer Adrian Martinez
about 12 hours ago
What are my options for this deal?
Started by Jason Borgstede
4 Tiny_1399724546-avatar-borgdar Jason Borgstede
about 13 hours ago
Florida office space month-to-month lease
Started by Tom B
2 No_avatar_tiny Tom B
about 14 hours ago
Career Advice: Construction Management vs. Real Estate Analyst
Started by Matt Sorrentino
4 Tiny_1403817135-avatar-jerdoes Jeremy Wynn
about 16 hours ago
I am seeking to rent a commerical property
Started by Carol Lee
10 Tiny_1399745287-avatar-caroll Carol Lee
about 17 hours ago
Ray Alcorn's Dealmaker's Guide
Started by Jeff Banky
0 No_avatar_tiny Jeff Banky
1 day ago
Commercial Lenders Wanted - The best deals in Oregon
Started by Taylor Shields
2 Tiny_1400298239-avatar-tcshields Taylor Shields
1 day ago
Tenant has a balance on their own business tax - can a lien be put on landlord's property?
Started by Jason Mak
2 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
3 days ago
Getting started in Commercial real estate
Started by Adam Jarrell
9 No_avatar_tiny Adam Jarrell
3 days ago
Inexpensive commercial properties
Started by Jeffrey Mason
6 Tiny_1399383873-avatar-lgientke Lee G.
5 days ago
entry level commercial properties
Started by Marc M.
9 Tiny_1399383873-avatar-lgientke Lee G.
5 days ago
How to Choose what area of Commercial Real Estate to start in
Started by John McCann
0 Tiny_1407971914-avatar-jmccann John McCann
6 days ago
First syndication
Started by Adam Gross
11 Tiny_1399431101-avatar-jeffncal Jeff Greenberg
7 days ago
Winery/Vineyard/Distillery Acquisition - Anyone been there, done that? Questions.
Started by Zach Schwarzmiller
7 Tiny_1405467347-avatar-mattrosas Matt Rosas
7 days ago
An existing franchise business with excellent equity built in.
Started by Cecil Russell
15 Tiny_1399663875-avatar-nuconva Steve H.
7 days ago
anyone ever have results from Costar for leasing?
Started by Martin Z.
0 No_avatar_tiny Martin Z.
8 days ago
Anchor Tenant Question
Started by John Yarenis
1 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Joel Owens
8 days ago

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