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Looking to invest in commercial real estate? Discuss investing discuss CRE strategies, property management, financing, fundraising & syndication topics surrounding office buildings, retail property, industrial property.

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Can a foreigner get loan for commercial real estate property in the US?
Started by Aaron Xie
1 Tiny_1413302961-avatar-chad_urbshott Last post by Chad Urbshott
about 2 hours ago
How does this make enough money (self storage investment)
Started by Shawn Amersi
19 Tiny_1399649211-avatar-storageguy Last post by Scott Meyers
about 4 hours ago
Purchasing an office building in NJ - steps to conduct effective research?
Started by Ivan Bovkun
1 Tiny_1399656071-avatar-swrealestatenj Last post by Steve Wilcox
about 8 hours ago
CCIM Institute: Is it worth it?
Started by Isaac Abeyta
3 Tiny_1399756532-avatar-sflinvest Last post by Chris Kennedy
about 9 hours ago
Boston MA Home Equity Line, Commercial
Started by Chan K.
7 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
1 day ago
Podcasts & Other Resources
Started by Bruce Lee
5 Tiny_1401306823-avatar-brucelee Last post by Bruce Lee
3 days ago
First commercial deal: Corner lot of two highways with old buildings? How do I know it's a good deal
Started by Mark Bradford
9 Tiny_1421586666-avatar-mark_ppg Last post by Mark Bradford
3 days ago
Owning a gas station
Started by Engelo Rumora
17 Tiny_1399756085-avatar-rosshillesheim Last post by Ross Hillesheim
5 days ago
Idea for Industrial Building
Started by Jeremy Tillotson
5 Tiny_1418443056-avatar-fortwayneinvest Last post by Jeremy Tillotson
5 days ago
thoughts on NNN lease property
Started by Marylyn B.
20 Tiny_1399436910-avatar-blackbelt Last post by Joel Owens
5 days ago
I have Foreign Investor Interest, How to Verify, Conduct Business?
Started by Michael Tempel
1 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
5 days ago
Car Wash Tax, Rent it or Run it??
Started by Patrick Hagens
1 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
5 days ago
How to determine the value on Commercial Property?
Started by JPaul Mills
2 Tiny_1418962866-avatar-jmitch7011 Last post by John Mitchell
6 days ago
Thoughts on a previous dollar store for sale to then rent to a gym & salon in a semi-rural small community?
Started by Jeff Brown
5 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
6 days ago
Start to Finish... Ground Up Single Tenant NNN Lease Development
Started by Jay Hill
54 Tiny_1421883186-avatar-euryv Last post by Eury Vargas
6 days ago
Typical General/Managing Partner or Asset Management Fees?
Started by Chad Urbshott
8 Tiny_1420778787-avatar-tims7 Last post by Tim Shoultz
6 days ago
Cost of land towards a construction loan
Started by David Greenberg
5 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
7 days ago
Can commercial property (non-apartment) be wholesaled like residential?
Started by Glen Underwood
5 Tiny_1418742163-avatar-stldreamhomes Last post by Chris Winterhalter
7 days ago
Help getting started using my renewable experience to invest in mix use properties?
Started by Chris Stabile
5 Tiny_1399777494-avatar-moikeha09 Last post by Michael Moikeha
8 days ago
Wholesaling commerical real estate
Started by Corey Hassan
4 Tiny_1399662268-avatar-djc225 Last post by Derek Carroll
8 days ago

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