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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
fha loan
Started by Robert D.
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Robert D.
24 minutes ago
southeast michigan fixer upper - wyandotte - downriver
Started by Dakota Cooley
0 Tiny 1432671636 avatar dakotacooley Last post by Dakota Cooley
26 minutes ago
Flipping In Kansas
Started by Itay Heled
0 Tiny 1419618560 avatar mishmish Last post by Itay Heled
about 1 hour ago
What market characteristics make for a good buy/rehab/sell?
Started by Orlando Paz
1 Tiny 1411102009 avatar hdizmond Last post by Hattie Dizmond
about 1 hour ago
Additional Insulation for Existing House
Started by Lynn Currie
0 Tiny 1399665215 avatar lynnontheweb Last post by Lynn Currie
about 2 hours ago
Live in Flip or not, pro and con
Started by Erin Mardis
10 Tiny 1435780024 avatar blossom leigh Last post by Erin Mardis
about 3 hours ago
$8K Paint Estimate?!
Started by Mitch Rice
48 Tiny 1428195312 avatar midric Last post by Mitch Rice
about 3 hours ago
1st Flip Finally Finished!
Started by Vonetta Booker
73 Tiny 1399363257 avatar ray06492 Last post by Raymond B.
about 4 hours ago
The Occupants from Hell!
Started by Will Barnard
489 Tiny 1412209793 avatar brighterdays Last post by Karen Margrave
about 6 hours ago
Non-Licensed Contractor
Started by Rachel Gill
27 Tiny 1419472678 avatar rachelg Last post by Rachel Gill
about 8 hours ago
RVA and Norfolk REI fix and flippers.
Started by Jare' Peoples
6 Tiny 1435503138 avatar mattw18 Last post by Matt Weaver
about 8 hours ago
Stabilizing cinder block foundation (basement walls)
Started by Doug W.
9 Tiny 1405476158 avatar dougwright Last post by Doug W.
about 10 hours ago
Hard $ vs. line of credit
Started by Stefanie Willie-Bonglo
6 Tiny 1429585400 avatar carriej44 Last post by Carrie Giordano
about 17 hours ago
abandon home owner died in 2009
Started by Mike Chubb
7 Tiny 1408980149 avatar menasce Last post by Victor Menasce
about 20 hours ago
Kitchen before and after
Started by Chris C.
8 Tiny 1413150492 avatar customrehabber Last post by Chris C.
about 22 hours ago
Almost done renovations. But how far do i go?
Started by Adam Baker
5 No avatar tiny Last post by Matthew Paul
about 22 hours ago
How much capital to realistically begin flipping?
Started by Medellin Heel
7 Tiny 1436141040 avatar devinco Last post by Devin Cohan
about 24 hours ago
Doing Due Diligence During Deal Discovery
Started by John Sherron
20 Tiny 1434883017 avatar ssinvest Last post by John Sherron
1 day ago
First Miami Flip - Need Some Help!
Started by John B.
5 Tiny 1432162449 avatar yasmineyovana Last post by Yasmine Bisumber
1 day ago

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