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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Houses Done In 2 Months- No FHA Loans Until Own For 3... What Do You Do?
Started by Jonathan C.
4 Tiny_1399663496-avatar-longhorngreg Last post by Greg H.
2 minutes ago
Grounds for firing GC? Need some feedback!
Started by Joey Middlemiss
2 Tiny_1407104914-avatar-joeym Last post by Joey Middlemiss
26 minutes ago
Why is the drywall on foreclosure ceilings sometimes cut out?
Started by Josh C.
6 Tiny_1399716450-avatar-matthewp Last post by Matthew Paul
about 2 hours ago
Exterior Paint Ideas?
Started by Scott Le
1 Tiny_1405476158-avatar-dougwright Last post by Doug Wright
about 4 hours ago
Is it less expensive to rehab in less expensive markets?
Started by Andrew Robbins
4 Tiny_1427160345-avatar-verna Last post by Verna M.
about 5 hours ago
Flip #2
Started by Martin Peter
19 Tiny_1423174162-avatar-shakarap Last post by Shakara Pittman
about 5 hours ago
Contractor/Handyman in Tampa Area, where in the world do I start?
Started by Michael Linquist
9 Tiny_1426941903-avatar-mikelinquist Last post by Michael Linquist
about 9 hours ago
Best source for kitchen cabinets?
Started by Mark Bosworth
29 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Account Closed
about 18 hours ago
Looking for immediate advice! Some suspicious people wondering around my rehab
Started by Emily Allen
23 Tiny_1399592360-avatar-seniorsurfer Last post by Guy Gimenez
about 21 hours ago
Finding and Working with Wholesalers as a Flipper
Started by Trevor Sambrano
6 Tiny_1424409373-avatar-suzanneb2 Last post by Suzanne Beninate
about 21 hours ago
Keeping all the profit.
Started by Jeffrey Townsend
10 Tiny_1427079773-avatar-michaelk32 Last post by Michael Kowal
about 22 hours ago
Removing master bath tub in favor of larger shower
Started by Loren Thomas
14 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ed Larson
about 22 hours ago
rehab spreadsheet
Started by Conley Hall
1 Tiny_1399406032-avatar-carcjp0 Last post by Jonathan C.
1 day ago
Pre-Marketing Flip House Before the MLS?
Started by Will F.
13 Tiny_1410800267-avatar-jongodes Last post by Jonathan Godes
1 day ago
I Got Money Now What?
Started by Tajuana W.
1 Tiny_1424140469-avatar-rdossey1 Last post by Ryan D.
1 day ago
Just curious - So. Cal. Flippers/Rehabbers
Started by Jason Gutierrez
2 Tiny_1416175747-avatar-matthew_nixon Last post by Matthew Nixon
1 day ago
Kitchen Cabinets on your low / mid flips; white? brown?
Started by Mike J
8 Tiny_1427311932-avatar-drewmac Last post by Andrew Wilson
1 day ago
Rehabbing & House Flipping
Started by Felix Ricarte
1 Tiny_1410920553-avatar-rmarcant Last post by Rodney Marcantel
1 day ago
Hardwood Warping Question
Started by Mike Vakas
8 Tiny_1410889770-avatar-billfenn Last post by Bill Fennelly
1 day ago

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