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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Am I crazy to think I can find a deal on the MLS in Utah county to flip?
Started by Barrett Anderson
5 Tiny_1418355751-avatar-baanderson Last post by Barrett Anderson
42 minutes ago
Rehabbing/Flipping in Crestline, Arrowhead Big Bear So Cal Mountain Areas
Started by Bill Manassero
6 Tiny_1399685542-avatar-michelle_l Last post by Michelle L.
about 1 hour ago
New Investor Nashville TN - Where to Buy?
Started by Kate Finnegan
2 Tiny_1422726704-avatar-katesqueek Last post by Kate Finnegan
about 1 hour ago
Flip #1, Frye Ave House
Started by Sean McFadden
26 Tiny_1402490705-avatar-pp74627 Last post by Sean McFadden
about 3 hours ago
Looking for ice maker for personal Bar in Rehab
Started by Tom Keith
1 Tiny_1399596574-avatar-flatfootthomas Last post by Tom Keith
about 3 hours ago
Investing in homes with chinese dry wall? Any experience with this?
Started by Jaime Penix
16 Tiny_1399753165-avatar-jaimep Last post by Jaime Penix
about 3 hours ago
Custom cabinet builder in Houston.
Started by Chris McDaniel
4 Tiny_1417904501-avatar-georgek1 Last post by George Kelley
about 4 hours ago
Value of adding deck in homeowner neighborhood
Started by Nancy Roth
4 Tiny_1399611961-avatar-nancye Last post by Nancy Roth
about 4 hours ago
I have wholesale deals In Tucson
Started by Michael Bishop
0 Tiny_1422668116-avatar-michaelb27 Last post by Michael Bishop
about 5 hours ago
Cloth covered wire
Started by Rafael Floresta
3 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Last post by Steve Babiak
about 6 hours ago
Contractor Problem
Started by Joe A.
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Joe A.
about 6 hours ago
Laminate Floor Thickness vs. Underlayment Quality
Started by Mike M.
5 Tiny_1422160847-avatar-gabrielm3 Last post by Gabriel Mabry
about 18 hours ago
Mold and Broken Water Pipes
Started by Alex Dotterer
4 Tiny_1399656989-avatar-david_n Last post by David Niles
about 19 hours ago
Newbie here, First Investor meeting.
Started by David Nelson
5 Tiny_1421041685-avatar-apple20427 Last post by David Nelson
about 22 hours ago
Las Vegas general contractor
Started by Kevin Samuels
3 Tiny_1399413127-avatar-ahchu Last post by Andy Chu
about 23 hours ago
First Flip Questions
Started by Eric Le
4 Tiny_1399708321-avatar-shepnerd Last post by Darrell Shepherd
1 day ago
So sick of paneling and wallpaper
Started by Scott K.
18 Tiny_1399761073-avatar-charliemc1 Last post by Charles McPherson
1 day ago
All of my financials for pre approved hard money....what gives?
Started by Vinny Gaines
9 Tiny_1399491314-avatar-graymack Last post by Mike Grayford
1 day ago
would you put a wet bar in the basement of a property that you are rehabbing for a flip?
Started by Mimmo La Marra
3 Tiny_1399667672-avatar-stigidty Last post by Steven Myers
2 days ago

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