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In our Rehabbing and House Flipping Forums, you can post or find discussions on topics including: flip basics, knowing how much to pay, how much to improve, how to deal with contractors, problems to look out for, and everything else relating to the fix and flip.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
A recent flip I did in Raleigh, NC
Started by Art A.
22 Tiny_1408998154-avatar-doublea Art A.
about 2 hours ago
Automation - Scheduling Independent Contractors
Started by Catherine .
6 Tiny_1398786571-avatar-ghhaaron Aaron McGinnis
about 3 hours ago
Does anyone contract out landscape design services?
Started by Kelly Willett
3 Tiny_1398786571-avatar-ghhaaron Aaron McGinnis
about 4 hours ago
Flipping in High Resale Areas
Started by Stefanie Olson
0 Tiny_1409692855-avatar-flippingfamily1 Stefanie Olson
about 4 hours ago
Appliance allowance on flips?
Started by Walt Payne
4 Tiny_1399759762-avatar-walt1957 Walt Payne
about 5 hours ago
What Do I Do Next???
Started by Pat Healey
4 Tiny_1405538220-avatar-pattyh Pat Healey
about 8 hours ago
Can I sell if the septic field goes into adjacent property
Started by Jon W.
1 Tiny_1406380431-avatar-jontrading Jon W.
about 8 hours ago
Does the 70% rule make sense on lower priced houses?
Started by Brian Huber
5 Tiny_1407263787-avatar-austin_lee Austin Lee
about 9 hours ago
The Occupants from Hell!
Started by Will Barnard
296 Tiny_1399436638-avatar-donh Don Hines
about 9 hours ago
Suggestions for the front of this house
Started by Sylvia B.
14 Tiny_1403660927-avatar-kimgloor Kim Gloor
about 9 hours ago
Work in progress
Started by Tina C.
0 No_avatar_tiny Tina C.
about 10 hours ago
Through BP/J Scott's books I feel like I have a decently solid grasp on what I do to approach a successful flip. Now I'm just struggling with finding something to flip
Started by Jeremy Hale
9 No_avatar_tiny Jeremy Hale
about 14 hours ago
Before/After House flip in Charlotte NC - Thoughts?
Started by Mark Kumm
22 Tiny_1399655002-avatar-trmproperties Mark Kumm
about 22 hours ago
Potential Private Investors
Started by Mike Secor
1 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Jon Holdman
1 day ago
Selling a Flip to VA Buyer
Started by Drey Taylor
3 Tiny_1398857206-avatar-jasonscott J Scott
1 day ago
Replace those compression valves with 1/4 turn angle valves!
Started by Bobby Gerry
25 No_avatar_tiny Chris Diesenbruch
2 days ago
Exploded Cast Iron Radiators -- Cost of Remedy?
Started by Mark Beekman
6 Tiny_1399348737-avatar-stevebabiak Steve Babiak
3 days ago
Household Junk in Memphis
Started by Julia Blythe
1 Tiny_1399739202-avatar-sshadra Spencer Shadrach
3 days ago
Newest Flip On Market- Pics, Projected Profit, How I Found It
Started by Jonathan C.
3 Tiny_1399406032-avatar-carcjp0 Jonathan C.
4 days ago

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