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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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Just received "the book on flipping houses"
Started by Sam Sav
12 Tiny 1438279641 avatar arnell Last post by Arnell Enriquez
about 4 hours ago
Joe McCall's Programs and Coaching
Started by Tammy Watanabe
13 Tiny 1399581155 avatar leasingtobuy Last post by John Jackson
1 day ago
Wow! Pensado's Place talks about Rich Dad Poor Dad
Started by Rick Alvi
4 Tiny 1434280252 avatar suprarick Last post by Rick Alvi
2 days ago
Renatus and Scott Rowe and Chicago Business Development Group
Started by Kelly L.
18 No avatar tiny Last post by Janet Caen
2 days ago
Has anyone used this software
Started by Lenna Groudan
2 Tiny 1436278374 avatar lenna Last post by Lenna Groudan
2 days ago
Cody Sperber Clever Investor
Started by Jim Dhuyvetter
10 Tiny 1437525891 avatar edwardc7 Last post by Edward C.
3 days ago
Started by Jim Biggs
3 Tiny 1411158686 avatar 7differentways Last post by Steve Vaughan
4 days ago
stock investing book suggestions
Started by Patrick McGowen
19 No avatar tiny Last post by Jon Behlke
4 days ago
Michael Quarles? Anyone worked with him?
Started by Samuel Ksiazkieicz
37 Tiny 1409280777 avatar splinter Last post by Ray Jacobsen
5 days ago
What happened to Carlton Sheets?
Started by Rob K.
62 No avatar tiny Last post by Brian Mitchell
6 days ago
Sam Sadat - Sam's Real Estate Club
Started by Steven Roffer
0 Tiny 1429078204 avatar stevenr13 Last post by Steven Roffer
6 days ago
Ted Thomas
Started by Darcy Korringa
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Darcy Korringa
6 days ago
The bankers code
Started by Bill Schultz
26 Tiny 1410568522 avatar jmaia1983 Last post by Jackson Maia
7 days ago
Clever investor
Started by Johanna I.
7 Tiny 1437764057 avatar phbalance0904 Last post by Heather Angelo
7 days ago
Guru training seminar success!!
Started by Mark Higgins
12 Tiny 1398868267 avatar paidwell Last post by Brendan D.
7 days ago
Rich dad, Poor Dad
Started by Colton Shaw
32 Tiny 1437910944 avatar carlosf1 Last post by Carlos Fernandez
7 days ago
Lance Edwards
Started by Ryan McLean
4 Tiny 1430935711 avatar ryanm12 Last post by Ryan McLean
7 days ago

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