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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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Canadian (Quebec) equivalent of
Started by Wes Derequito
2 Tiny_1414730588-avatar-fab514 Piotr Rajca
about 2 hours ago
IFlip - Cameron Dunlap?
Started by Priscilla Z.
212 Tiny_1399773716-avatar-gabrielterrell Gabriel Terrell
about 3 hours ago
What to expect with Scott Yancey?
Started by Michele Fischer
23 No_avatar_tiny Shanda Porter
1 day ago
Fortune builders
Started by Cory Magnus
8 No_avatar_tiny Scott Justason
1 day ago
Rich Dad
Started by Lynn Maher
5 Tiny_1400613990-avatar-turnkeyproperty Dean Letfus
2 days ago
"Gurus", Big Promises and Success...
Started by Leo Goykhman
2 Tiny_1414018786-avatar-lgchicago Leo Goykhman
3 days ago
What makes someone a real estate "Guru"?
Started by Seth Williams
49 Tiny_1399703022-avatar-rehabber7_tn Bryan L.
3 days ago
Connected Investors 3.0
Started by Matt Rodak
5 Tiny_1399609613-avatar-jmorris Jerred Morris
3 days ago
Joe McCall's Wholesale Lease Options Course?
Started by Dan Schwartz
22 Tiny_1406424991-avatar-bhuber77 Brian Huber
3 days ago
Need BP Community to Weigh In On This Decision... Lifestyles Unlimited
Started by Rosalynn Rice
11 Tiny_1399649877-avatar-lynnandris Lynn Andris
4 days ago
Guru's, Sean Terry's Flip2Freedom and the people who hate them
Started by Rob Padilla
65 Tiny_1413300636-avatar-investfourmore Mark Ferguson
4 days ago
Peter Conti - Lot Flipper Program
Started by Doug Snavely
34 Tiny_1409943367-avatar-producejoe Jonathan Roylance
4 days ago
Rich dad education funding
Started by Christian Kenworthy
18 Tiny_1414218681-avatar-pauljohnson1178 Paul Johnson
4 days ago
Tax Overages
Started by Andre Johnson
24 Tiny_1399345300-avatar-bti Brian P.
5 days ago
Suggestion to getting a good deal book?
Started by Filip Vaco
0 Tiny_1411601173-avatar-wes010 Filip Vaco
7 days ago
Attorney course on judgment liens on property
Started by Ryan Ellingson
0 Tiny_1414303774-avatar-rellings Ryan Ellingson
7 days ago
Peter Vekselman and Joe McCall
Started by Justin Morgan
16 Tiny_1412488504-avatar-texas_greg Greg F.
7 days ago

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