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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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Peter Vekselman and Joe McCall
Started by Justin Morgan
11 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
about 2 hours ago
Rich dad education funding
Started by Christian Kenworthy
16 Tiny_1413224013-avatar-websearcher Allen Black
about 4 hours ago
Freedom Soft - anyone plan on purchasing it?
Started by Mark Yuschak
181 Tiny_1413829896-avatar-putman Ricky Putman
about 23 hours ago
Is intellibiz the best program?
Started by Sharene Long
1 Tiny_1410240757-avatar-cecil_russell Cecil Russell
about 24 hours ago
Chief Denney
Started by John Gullickson
11 Tiny_1399587342-avatar-andydallas Andy Collins
1 day ago
Capital Rock Hedge Fund
Started by Michelle Nicholls
0 No_avatar_tiny Michelle Nicholls
2 days ago
How Valuable are Scripts and Dialogues To New Wholesalers?
Started by Karl Krentzel
2 Tiny_1413562750-avatar-karlk Karl Krentzel
2 days ago
Started by Brandon Howliet
0 Tiny_1413605139-avatar-branstarone Brandon Howliet
2 days ago
chris mcclatchey cleveland oh real estate program
1 Tiny_1399698864-avatar-fritzbucyrus James Wise
2 days ago
Website marketing
Started by Brandon Howliet
0 Tiny_1413605139-avatar-branstarone Brandon Howliet
3 days ago
"Find Cash Buyers Now" System
Started by Mike Ducasse
92 No_avatar_tiny Julie Hsu
4 days ago
Books for Canadians Buying US Real Estate.
Started by Bayard P.
1 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Chris Martin
4 days ago
Syndicated Deal Analyzer
Started by Karma Senge
1 No_avatar_tiny Marquelon Sigler
5 days ago
Wholesaling Apartments - Ben Innes-Ker
Started by Lynn Henley
4 Tiny_1399559238-avatar-kahrlos Carlos Flores
5 days ago
IFlip - Cameron Dunlap?
Started by Priscilla Z.
207 No_avatar_tiny Julia W.
5 days ago
Fortune Builders
Started by Marion Edwards
31 Tiny_1411669945-avatar-slotti Samantha Lotti
5 days ago
Mark Imhof
Started by Marina Sud
2 Tiny_1405725802-avatar-odessa3169 Marina Sud
6 days ago

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