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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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Joe McCall's Wholesale Lease Options Course?
Started by Dan Schwartz
21 No_avatar_tiny Kaisar Sohai
about 4 hours ago
'FREE' Than Merril seminar,,,free??????
Started by Just Don
19 Tiny_1406165962-avatar-nia642 Brigitte Belton
about 10 hours ago
Best Phone Service for Business?
Started by Eric Moore
4 Tiny_1403668052-avatar-eric30 Eric Moore
about 11 hours ago
Rich Weese from Janitor to Multi-Millionaire(Review)
Started by Sebastian Baker
39 Tiny_1399292835-avatar-venomousviper Rich Weese
about 20 hours ago
Started by Namon Thorn
17 Tiny_1406129683-avatar-johnfranczyk John Franczyk
about 21 hours ago
Do you know Scott Rowe?
Started by Adam Schellhammer
2 Tiny_1403835605-avatar-tank725172 Adam Schellhammer
about 21 hours ago
Lifestlyes Unlimited Good Or Con?
Started by Jerry Jaco
5 Tiny_1399587342-avatar-andydallas Andy Collins
1 day ago
Lindsey Jean - Cash Cow Know How System ?
Started by Anna Strait
14 No_avatar_tiny Jerry Barber
1 day ago
flip2freedom question
Started by Brendan D.
0 Tiny_1398868267-avatar-paidwell Brendan D.
1 day ago
Cash flow Depot
Started by DayVonna Youngblood
6 Tiny_1398868267-avatar-paidwell Brendan D.
2 days ago
Starting with a Pro
Started by Sam Williams
2 Tiny_1403816594-avatar-swilliams10078 Sam Williams
2 days ago
Just learned a new strategy from Brian Gibbons
Started by Matt Ellis
1 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
2 days ago
My Brief Experience w/ Brian Gibbons
Started by Derrell Pinion
2 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Brian Gibbons
3 days ago
Book Recommendations for Estimating Rehab Costs
Started by Bryce Till
2 Tiny_1398868267-avatar-paidwell Brendan D.
3 days ago
USREIA "U.S. Real Estate Investing Association" Dave Lindahl
Started by Darrie Bennett
6 Tiny_1399755111-avatar-thickface Darrie Bennett
3 days ago
Brad Dornish books/courses
Started by T Brown
8 Tiny_1399669190-avatar-dallasnum7 Ian Hoover
3 days ago
Lee Arnold products
Started by TERRY BEALL
4 Tiny_1398868267-avatar-paidwell Brendan D.
3 days ago

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