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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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thoughts of rich dad coaching?
Started by Andy Parsons
49 Tiny 1421040444 avatar gabrielp Last post by Gabriel Perez
about 10 hours ago
Armando Montelongo Flipping Houses review
Started by Gary Dubovick
45 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
about 15 hours ago
fortune builders
Started by Samantha Bradshaw
16 Tiny 1435895238 avatar coreyl2 Last post by Corey London
about 20 hours ago
‚ÄčThe Real Estate Education Group ,
Started by Will Timolien
2 Tiny 1436007604 avatar kjsinterests Last post by Kevin Siedlecki
about 21 hours ago
Real Estate Courses
Started by Chris Smith
8 Tiny 1399721698 avatar kalerealty Last post by Nick Patterson
1 day ago
Zack Childress
Started by Sam Chainani
17 No avatar tiny Last post by Joe Yobaccio
1 day ago
Cris Chico postcard system tryout !
Started by Mario Boemer
16 Tiny 1417652277 avatar jsbinatl Last post by Jeff Baillis
2 days ago
Phil Pustejovsky
Started by Charlotte Lucchesi
196 Tiny 1435822620 avatar rcangel7 Last post by Angel Thompson
2 days ago
Than Merril, or Bill Vaugn Are they worth it?
Started by Daniel Levine
18 Tiny 1412557279 avatar jasonscott Last post by J Scott
2 days ago
Vegas Seminar thoughts
Started by Paul Thompson
1 Tiny 1399538279 avatar hbhc Last post by Scott Williams
3 days ago
Success Path.... Fraud?
Started by Kenneth Norman
13 Tiny 1424140469 avatar rdossey1 Last post by Ryan D.
3 days ago
Please help $41,000 paid to a guru company to be refunded !
Started by Debbie Lee
351 No avatar tiny Last post by Ivan Montanez
3 days ago
Anybody Success Stories With The Broker Certification with Lee Arnold? Good/Bad?
Started by David Schroeder
6 Tiny 1399759194 avatar jlh Last post by Jay Hinrichs
3 days ago
Anyone heard of Non-profit Real Estate Development Course
Started by Joshua McGinnis
12 Tiny 1435768115 avatar pjmarsh Last post by Peyton Marsh
3 days ago
Why is everyone against paying for a seminar?
Started by Matt Buckels
182 Tiny 1433398250 avatar reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
3 days ago
Anyone heard of this new app Xome?
Started by James Bynum
1 Tiny 1423899005 avatar mysolo401k Last post by Mark Nolan
4 days ago
Has anyone used Rob Swanson "Blitz Wholesaling"?
Started by Lou Lender
21 Tiny 1429064723 avatar mitchellj Last post by Mitchell Jason
4 days ago

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