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We all want to know if that new book or investing course is worth getting. This forum is for discussing real estate gurus, books and courses.

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Please help $41,000 paid to a guru company to be refunded !
Started by Debbie Lee
78 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Barbara Goodman
about 2 hours ago
chris mcclatchey cleveland oh real estate program
13 Tiny_1427489383-avatar-christopherm21 Last post by Christopher McClatchey
about 6 hours ago
Fortune Builders
Started by Linda Elliott
24 Tiny_1399658707-avatar-joelopez Last post by Joe Lopez
about 7 hours ago
The Real Alliance
Started by Tracey Pritchett
1 Tiny_1427312047-avatar-chrisv7 Last post by Chris Viola
about 7 hours ago
Get in Get out Get paid
Started by Matt Gier
12 Tiny_1403384257-avatar-ckohls22 Last post by Carlton Kohler
about 15 hours ago
Anyone know about the pretty houses system?
Started by Jonathan Carriaga
2 Tiny_1419916240-avatar-tradindad Last post by Tim Lindstrom
about 17 hours ago
Renatus and Scott Rowe and Chicago Business Development Group
Started by Kelly L.
13 Tiny_1399720882-avatar-dogmop Last post by Debra Vance
1 day ago
"Unlimited Funding" by Marko Rubel
Started by Wendell De Guzman
18 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Raul Martinez
1 day ago
Commercial real estate
Started by Kevin Walorz
3 Tiny_1399662268-avatar-djc225 Last post by Derek Carroll
1 day ago
Need Opinion on the Justin Wilmot 10 Hour Wholesaling course
Started by Renee Green
21 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
2 days ago
Bill Vaughn - Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate
Started by Gino Forte
5 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
2 days ago
Anyone Heard of Credit Card Builders?
Started by Mike Vakas
11 Tiny_1401127025-avatar-mrscherer Last post by Martin Scherer
2 days ago
Started by Tammy Theiss
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by James Green
3 days ago
Lindsey Jean Cash Cow Know How course
Started by Jim Roberts
4 Tiny_1417460732-avatar-stevieg Last post by Steve G.
3 days ago
Phil Pustejovsky
Started by Charlotte Lucchesi
178 Tiny_1400602089-avatar-reiskills Last post by Brian Gibbons
3 days ago
Connected Investors 3.0
Started by Matt Rodak
31 Tiny_1399289392-avatar-sharon_roze Last post by Sharon Rozario
3 days ago
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
Started by Gino Forte
9 Tiny_1423953550-avatar-ginof Last post by Gino Forte
4 days ago

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