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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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Google +
Started by Kevin Yeats
4 Tiny 1405644933 avatar ddpacino Last post by Dell Epps
about 2 hours ago
Introducing: Run The Comps! Mobile App
Started by Tony Hughes
6 Tiny 1433460647 avatar jayj4 Last post by Jay Johnson
about 6 hours ago
Posting my investment property for sale on Trulia
Started by Kevin Dee
0 Tiny 1399674245 avatar kevindee Last post by Kevin Dee
about 10 hours ago
Website essentials for beginners
Started by Cordell Hinton-Brown
5 Tiny 1415772545 avatar antoniocoleman Last post by Antonio Coleman
about 10 hours ago
Software Tools for Real Estate Investing
Started by Nicholas Spinner
8 Tiny 1405644933 avatar ddpacino Last post by Dell Epps
about 10 hours ago
How do you create a Facebook business page?
Started by Kyle J.
2 Tiny 1405644933 avatar ddpacino Last post by Dell Epps
about 10 hours ago
Wholesaling online
Started by Jovante Foreman
1 Tiny 1399603498 avatar russ44 Last post by Russell Ponce
1 day ago
Live in flips podcast
Started by Max Tanenbaum
1 Tiny 1412973216 avatar danawhicker Last post by Dana Whicker
3 days ago
How do i start an App?
Started by Alex Duarte
2 Tiny 1435809296 avatar budl Last post by Bud Leiser
4 days ago
Started by Nelzon Ruiz
0 Tiny 1417398856 avatar nelzon Last post by Nelzon Ruiz
6 days ago
Tenant Cloud
Started by Ayodeji Kuponiyi
0 Tiny 1421284574 avatar ayodeji Last post by Ayodeji Kuponiyi
6 days ago
What do you use to create videos??
Started by Joel Owens
5 Tiny 1405612710 avatar gita faust Last post by Gita Faust
8 days ago
Best site to track a property
Started by Paul Lydon
6 Tiny 1416876589 avatar mannequin1 Last post by Nat Chan
9 days ago
Started by Bruce Dalis
28 Tiny 1433530910 avatar clayfrog Last post by John Baker
10 days ago
Secure form for applications, vs. my own
Started by Kenneth LaVoie
3 Tiny 1399311213 avatar hotwired Last post by Kenneth LaVoie
12 days ago
Home Automation
Started by Lynn Currie
2 Tiny 1399665215 avatar lynnontheweb Last post by Lynn Currie
12 days ago
Property evaluator app
Started by Joshua Gordon
12 Tiny 1406586319 avatar slowpokezzz Last post by Richard Montoya
12 days ago
What tools, software, and technology can I use to increase my real estate investing business?
Started by Anthony Kondor
17 Tiny 1409293488 avatar kaizenone Last post by Joseph Coach
12 days ago
What to offer/pay for a domain name?
Started by Lazar Hausman
7 No avatar tiny Last post by John Thedford
13 days ago

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