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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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Started by Tony Rael
2 Tiny 1435289790 avatar tonyr13 Last post by Tony Rael
about 20 hours ago
RadPad problems -- anyone know how to fix?
Started by Debra Cheney
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Debra Cheney
3 days ago
Company Websites
Started by Justin S.
4 Tiny 1399762714 avatar rninvestor Last post by Austin Davis
3 days ago
Help setting up Wave accounting
Started by Jeremy Jackson
7 Tiny 1420349702 avatar jeremyj2 Last post by Jeremy Jackson
3 days ago
App for Tracking Finances (Mint, Personal Capital, etc.)
Started by Bryan Otteson
3 Tiny 1414940824 avatar l3rner Last post by Bryan Otteson
3 days ago
Stock Based Loans
Started by Marques Rounds
5 Tiny 1440981236 avatar dans36 Last post by Dan Stafford
4 days ago
Floorplanner plans
Started by Thomas Jones
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Thomas Jones
4 days ago
Can I share Quickbooks via Dropbox?
Started by Account Closed
8 Tiny 1420780354 avatar lexies Last post by Lexie Stegemiller
5 days ago
Postlets vs zumper vs Craigslist for rental listings
Started by Amit M.
16 Tiny 1438891712 avatar giordibruno Last post by Miguel M.
5 days ago
Managing leads in Podio (Joe Mccall Version)
Started by Gregory Hodges
1 Tiny 1436856820 avatar jc7david Last post by Han Oh
6 days ago
How do you find postcard leads?
Started by Mark Nelson
1 Tiny 1399740158 avatar seano Last post by Sean OToole
7 days ago
Which app do you use for contracts?
Started by James Reyes
3 Tiny 1399734721 avatar matt mckay Last post by Matt M.
8 days ago
Unpacking Binary Files into Excel Format
Started by Sammy Paquini
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Sammy Paquini
8 days ago
Privy - Any other users?
Started by Craig Renz
3 Tiny 1399391772 avatar travissperr Last post by Travis Sperr
9 days ago
Seeking experienced investors for new software product.
Started by Anthony Phillips
1 Tiny 1434903723 avatar wakeproperties Last post by Chris Martin
9 days ago
ListenMoneyMatters podcast with Chris Clothier from MemphisInvest
Started by Allison Karrels
0 Tiny 1409275870 avatar akarrels Last post by Allison Karrels
13 days ago
GIS software for analyzing MLS, rental markets?
Started by Aaron Knoll
3 Tiny 1438987785 avatar keenanf Last post by Keenan F.
13 days ago
Considered Periscope (Twitter) to Reach Customers or your Team?
Started by Jill DeWit
5 Tiny 1421274151 avatar jilld1 Last post by Jill DeWit
14 days ago
Started by Konstantin Egorov
2 Tiny 1422310328 avatar nspira Last post by Naomi Spira
14 days ago

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