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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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Awesome online resources I have been using for researching properties
Started by Jon Huber
38 No avatar tiny Last post by Kara Haney
about 1 hour ago
Children's Book on Flipping
Started by Andrew LeBaron
4 Tiny 1432046402 avatar lebaron2019 Last post by Andrew LeBaron
about 5 hours ago
App to track inquires from/to prospective tenants?
Started by Karen Dayley
5 Tiny 1405461648 avatar kday Last post by Karen Dayley
about 8 hours ago
Real Estate Website Template for Multifamily Investing
Started by Gary E. London, CPA
5 Tiny 1398939892 avatar gelcpa Last post by Gary E. London, CPA
about 22 hours ago
Duplicate Blogging?
Started by Bryan Otteson
6 Tiny 1414940824 avatar l3rner Last post by Bryan Otteson
1 day ago
Youtube video from pictures...
Started by Scot Howat
3 Tiny 1415772545 avatar antoniocoleman Last post by Antonio Coleman
1 day ago
Best Platform For Email Lists For Wholesale & Package Deals?
Started by Joshua Jarvis
5 Tiny 1414535918 avatar rbraut309 Last post by Rob Brautigam
1 day ago
10 Tips for Successful Social Media and In-Person Networking
Started by Joseph Scorese
2 Tiny 1399786800 avatar jksteele Last post by John Steele
2 days ago
Online Showing Signups with Automated Reminders?
Started by Jeff Sheraton
0 Tiny 1433957575 avatar jsheraton Last post by Jeff Sheraton
2 days ago
Architecture Software
Started by Clint Weir
4 Tiny 1399755727 avatar ccweir Last post by Clint Weir
2 days ago
How to Hire Virtual Assistant
Started by Leeta Song
7 Tiny 1399339420 avatar svornholt Last post by Sharon Vornholt
2 days ago
Tenant Cloud
Started by Ayodeji Kuponiyi
2 No avatar tiny Last post by Trent Honea
3 days ago
Property Management Software comparison
Started by Dooreuhn Cee
23 Tiny 1438089866 avatar nancy178 Last post by Nancy Neville
6 days ago
Redx Vortex vs. Vulcan
Started by Heather Siverd
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Heather Siverd
6 days ago
Real Estate and Other Data Sources for Big Data project
Started by Bobby Thompson
1 Tiny 1412177818 avatar jasonking1018 Last post by Jason King
6 days ago
Commission Tracker
Started by Barry Herbst
6 Tiny 1435112423 avatar barryherbst Last post by Barry Herbst
6 days ago
Better way to share comps?
Started by Ashwani K.
2 Tiny 1421350124 avatar fasilk Last post by Fasil Khan
7 days ago
Using Virtual Assistants for real estate
Started by Heath Thomas Jr
2 Tiny 1398866209 avatar 423chandler Last post by Michael Rogers
8 days ago
Real Geeks IDX Solution Question
Started by Rayman Shakuri
2 Tiny 1406592907 avatar mikemcd5544 Last post by Michael McDermott
8 days ago

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