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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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Started by Troy Kingsbury
8 No_avatar_tiny Jenny Allen
1 day ago
Social Media Campaign
Started by Christian Marin
1 Tiny_1411935617-avatar-kmccartney Katie McCartney
2 days ago
BP app
Started by Fred Stevenson
11 Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
3 days ago
Craigslist Automation
Started by Joey DeFilippo
6 Tiny_1413949190-avatar-finohomes Rodney Johnson
4 days ago
What apps do you use that make your life easier?
Started by Joseph Chen
1 Tiny_1406151211-avatar-landladypreneur Sarabella Johnson
4 days ago
Verifying addresses with SmartyStreets
Started by Kyle Critchnau
0 No_avatar_tiny Kyle Critchnau
4 days ago
Tools of an investor: Phone Apps.
Started by James Hutson
4 Tiny_1413824425-avatar-sam2681980 Sam Shah
5 days ago
Collecting late payments via Credit Card
Started by Sean H.
22 Tiny_1399396164-avatar-financexaminer Bill G.
6 days ago
Excellent App: Boomerang for Gmail
Started by Jonathan Makovsky
1 Tiny_1399778695-avatar-allfree John D.
6 days ago
MileIQ awesome mileage tracker
Started by Huy Nguyen
12 Tiny_1399315588-avatar-jonk Jon Klaus
8 days ago
Awesome online resources I have been using for researching properties
Started by Jon Huber
24 Tiny_1407077952-avatar-jonjay Jon Huber
9 days ago
BP forum post keep crashing with new Iphone 6
Started by Jason M.
13 Tiny_1409026973-avatar-biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
11 days ago
Neighborhood Research with NeighborhoodScout
Started by Chad Clanton
11 No_avatar_tiny Account Closed
11 days ago
Need help to set up Quickbooks 2014 for my 8 unit and 4 units building..2 questions
Started by Alexis Zion
3 Tiny_1405612710-avatar-gita_faust Gita Faust
11 days ago
Do You Use Reddit?
Started by Joshua Dorkin
22 Tiny_1399701757-avatar-skia Shahriar K.
12 days ago
Started by Josh Barnes
2 Tiny_1413328419-avatar-mrb13 Marc Boyd
12 days ago
Social Media- for Real Estate
Started by Diyan Yap
1 Tiny_1403455916-avatar-housefinder7 Shawn M.
13 days ago
Social Media- for Real Estate
Started by Diyan Yap
0 Tiny_1401911025-avatar-disful Diyan Yap
13 days ago
Wordpress themes: Free vs Premium
Started by Cornelius Charles
3 Tiny_1399778960-avatar-cwcharle Cornelius Charles
15 days ago

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