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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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How are you using the web to find new clients?
Started by Daniela Costa
1 Tiny_1399678084-avatar-deverix Dev Horn
about 3 hours ago
Started by Dustin Barr
1 Tiny_1406653123-avatar-paulewing Paul Ewing
1 day ago
Apps, technology, software
Started by Penny I.
6 No_avatar_tiny William Morrison
2 days ago
PopMoney for rent collection?
Started by Jennifer Rudolf
1 Tiny_1399367557-avatar-wakeproperties Chris Martin
6 days ago
What makes a stand out company website that establishes credibility and trust and creates leads?
Started by Omari Brown
5 Tiny_1399786287-avatar-sportydave David Trounce
7 days ago
Bigger Pockets App or Mobile Site
Started by Stephen McKee
14 Tiny_1402585460-avatar-biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
8 days ago
Home Design/Blue Print Software?
Started by Dyryl Burnett
1 Tiny_1398786571-avatar-ghhaaron Aaron McGinnis
9 days ago
Using Podio to Screen Sellers and for CRM
Started by Taylor Jennings
6 Tiny_1401156255-avatar-jdiaz037 Jose Diaz
11 days ago
Contacting a Absentee Owner via Linked-in
Started by Markeilsha R.
1 Tiny_1399718610-avatar-gcshaw Gary Shaw
11 days ago
Using "Neat" for accounting for a buy and hold portfolio : Good or bad idea
Started by Westin Hudnall
1 Tiny_1399733384-avatar-malukings Anil Samuel
12 days ago
.com, .home, .house, .estate. Setting up website- domain to chose
Started by Aaron Nordgren
6 No_avatar_tiny Aaron Nordgren
12 days ago
Quickbooks 2014
Started by Kevin Galus
5 Tiny_1407544271-avatar-coffeegrind Ramona Hall
14 days ago
THE best use of social media I've seen! A MUST SEE!!
Started by Karen Margrave
4 Tiny_1399763842-avatar-cal_c Cal C.
15 days ago
Future of Google Voice
Started by Brian Parks
8 Tiny_1407129084-avatar-mrpockets Brian Parks
16 days ago
Started by Quentin Solan
2 Tiny_1405823716-avatar-mbamentor Najeriq Mentor
16 days ago
Do you use LINKEDIN?
Started by Karen Margrave
20 Tiny_1399412996-avatar-nerissa Nerissa Vento
16 days ago
Mailing List and Lead Management
Started by Mike Grayford
12 Tiny_1399322321-avatar-scostell Scott Costello
17 days ago
Is anybody using Google Wallet to collect rent?
Started by Michael Siekerka
4 Tiny_1399785620-avatar-mlobacz Matthew Lobacz
17 days ago
Organization software
Started by Pono Wright
2 Tiny_1406300853-avatar-zacharytelschow Zachary Telschow
17 days ago

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