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This is our Real Estate Tech forum. Discuss hardware, software, link strategies, blogging, real estate web design, and anything else related to real estate, technology, and the web, including using social media like Twitter, Facebook, and of course, BiggerPockets!

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Lead Management Automation
Started by Ehab Shoukry
3 Tiny_1409669738-avatar-torcana Colin Murphy
about 4 hours ago
How can I learn Yardi?
Started by Chris Lad
8 Tiny_1416875846-avatar-nickcondie Nick Condie
1 day ago
What's the Best Site for Property Info
Started by Mark Marinaccio
6 Tiny_1399790404-avatar-youngandhungry Adam West
4 days ago
Biggerpockets Android App
Started by Jordan Sizelove
4 Tiny_1399675327-avatar-jcpryor3 Jordan Sizelove
4 days ago
How is technology changing real estate?
Started by Dave Visaya
4 Tiny_1415367579-avatar-uglyhouse Nicholas Miller
4 days ago
Do you limit your time connecting on biggerpockets?
Started by Larry Smet
2 Tiny_1399699196-avatar-benrei1 Mary B.
4 days ago
Using Google Maps To Empower Your Real Estate Hunt
Started by Jordan T.
3 Tiny_1405121745-avatar-davechw David Chwaszczewski
5 days ago
Resolution for LLC
Started by Kirsten Mastro
1 Tiny_1416355489-avatar-petersanchez Peter Sanchez
5 days ago
Researching & Comparing Average Cap Rates
Started by Pat L.
2 No_avatar_tiny Pat L.
6 days ago
How to engage real-time with your real estate web site visitors?
Started by Avi Pasheeva
2 Tiny_1407184119-avatar-suev Susan Velasquez
8 days ago
Feedback from anyone who has used
Started by Ryan M.
1 Tiny_1399782376-avatar-chrisvacek Chris Vacek
8 days ago
Inman Select
Started by Shane Willcox
0 Tiny_1412655891-avatar-ozinsm Shane Willcox
11 days ago
Email and Social Media marketing
Started by Pei Pei Siau-Cronin
4 Tiny_1405108710-avatar-meadowlarkppsc Pei Pei Siau-Cronin
12 days ago
I need a wesite to find absentee owners.
Started by Sherry Byrne
4 Tiny_1415969894-avatar-byrne56 Sherry Byrne
12 days ago
What's the best iPhone app or device for logging miles?
Started by Shane Willcox
11 Tiny_1412655891-avatar-ozinsm Shane Willcox
12 days ago
MileIQ awesome mileage tracker
Started by Huy Nguyen
13 Tiny_1412611710-avatar-ianandersen Ian Andersen
13 days ago
Rentometer - Their data seems to be pretty spot on.....what say you?
Started by Anthony M.
26 Tiny_1415068432-avatar-anya1611 Anna Stolpe
13 days ago
Non MLS Research
Started by Lori Ramsey
4 Tiny_1414014094-avatar-winvic Victoria Winters
13 days ago
Wave Accounting App
Started by Ryan M.
8 Tiny_1412711523-avatar-tom_w Tom Wawersich
13 days ago

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