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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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Tiny Home Market?
Started by RIck Montanari
17 Tiny_1418430912-avatar-scottk123 Last post by Scott K.
about 13 hours ago
Kitchen Cabinets???
Started by Adam Baker
8 Tiny_1418406533-avatar-drobertson Last post by David Robertson
about 23 hours ago
I'm a Plumber/Investor & I'm here to help
Started by David Doyle
109 Tiny_1418726425-avatar-libelfreezone Last post by Catherine Coy
about 23 hours ago
fuse box breaker not tripping when overloaded
Started by Judd Campbell
18 Tiny_1404230220-avatar-juddcampbell Last post by Judd Campbell
1 day ago
Windows leaking from top
Started by Nicole W.
11 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Seth Sherman
1 day ago
Cabinets, Sticky Finish
Started by Donald Crockett
5 Tiny_1401372370-avatar-accelr8 Last post by Donald Crockett
2 days ago
Best alternative to Stucco to fix a broken exterior ceiling
Started by Raj Kumar
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Raj Kumar
2 days ago
Significant creek bank erosion issue potentially threatening house.
Started by Kevin C.
24 Tiny_1399377077-avatar-capncav Last post by Kevin C.
2 days ago
Hiring from craigslist?
Started by Nat Chan
29 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Rusty Scott
3 days ago
Business planning
Started by Desmond Haylett
2 Tiny_1399448433-avatar-bunkerhill Last post by Paul Timmins
3 days ago
Water pressure light???
Started by Drew Denham
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Matt Fisher
4 days ago
Advice on updating a bathroom?
Started by Greg Baker
11 Tiny_1416588577-avatar-ron_ca Last post by Ron Drake
5 days ago
Finding Buyers For My Wholesaling Business
Started by Jesus Rodriguez
1 Tiny_1399577180-avatar-hpm1 Last post by Michael Herr
5 days ago
Carpet negotiation and where to buy
Started by Bryan Neal
1 Tiny_1416588577-avatar-ron_ca Last post by Ron Drake
5 days ago
Painted hardwood floors.
Started by Derek Woods
11 Tiny_1399532483-avatar-aaron_m Last post by Aaron Mazzrillo
6 days ago
new kitchen cabinets or spruce up the old
Started by Jeff Libby
11 Tiny_1408225182-avatar-brendanspaar Last post by Brendan Spaar
6 days ago
Window material experiences
Started by William H.
1 Tiny_1398785705-avatar-eaglejohn Last post by John Pearson
6 days ago
Seeking advice
Started by Thomas Lee
1 Tiny_1416771483-avatar-lvinv Last post by Brandon L.
6 days ago
Resources to find empty lots + provide details for local zoning laws
Started by Joseph Howard
4 Tiny_1415749821-avatar-josephhoward Last post by Joseph Howard
6 days ago
Toilet rough in disadvantages
Started by Bryan Neal
7 Tiny_1399662882-avatar-plaussie1 Last post by Pat L.
6 days ago

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