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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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IP security camera
Started by Jennifer Wang
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Jennifer Wang
about 1 hour ago
Tiny Home Market?
Started by RIck Montanari
40 Tiny_1420729273-avatar-bitdot Last post by Betty T.
about 13 hours ago
Kitchen Sink faucet repair
Started by Kenneth Hynes
9 Tiny_1408308355-avatar-affordablepm1 Last post by Mark Brogan
about 15 hours ago
How to fix this window?
Started by Dan D.
23 Tiny_1415747455-avatar-dgallogly Last post by Dave Gallogly
1 day ago
Tub/shower faucets.....
Started by Gretchen A.
11 Tiny_1420843044-avatar-stephens4 Last post by Stephen Schaefer
1 day ago
Try it, you'll like it!
Started by Sylvia B.
7 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Last post by Dawn Anastasi
2 days ago
Furnace only works when filter is removed
Started by Eddie Werner
14 Tiny_1419311050-avatar-tradetalents Last post by Craig Wilcox
3 days ago
NO insulation in the attic
Started by Judd Campbell
17 Tiny_1399761652-avatar-jasoncrain Last post by Jason Crain
4 days ago
Looking to buy a 12 box commercial pedestal mailbox
Started by James Klafehn
3 Tiny_1418855142-avatar-jamesk1 Last post by James Klafehn
4 days ago
Floor tile as cheap back splash?
Started by Jay Y.
29 Tiny_1421211316-avatar-ibuyfugly Last post by Chas Fabiano
4 days ago
Re: L.L.Cs Programs ?
Started by Ronny Long
4 Tiny_1421103105-avatar-lots2c Last post by Ronny Long
4 days ago
Tenant attending to repairs and then billing me?
Started by Nat Chan
18 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Richard C.
4 days ago
Anyone own pre-1978 property?
Started by Karen S.
24 Tiny_1399759008-avatar-nevertheless Last post by Sylvia B.
4 days ago
Is there such thing as a 17.5" toilet seat?
Started by Justin C.
0 Tiny_1416854408-avatar-thegogetter222 Last post by Justin C.
5 days ago
Stairs: Anti-Slip, but not look horrible
Started by Michael Herr
2 Tiny_1399759587-avatar-marcm1 Last post by Marc M.
5 days ago
Rehab Cost Guide
Started by Al Neal
8 Tiny_1421684891-avatar-randyb5 Last post by Randy B.
5 days ago
Massachusetts - Buy and Hold - Heating with Gas Stove - alternatives and venting?
Started by Lisa Gorman
8 Tiny_1421179163-avatar-donaldm2 Last post by Donald Morrison
5 days ago
Barn Door Garage Opener?!
Started by Zoran M.
1 Tiny_1398784640-avatar-adamt Last post by Adam Anderson
5 days ago
Deck and wood sealant, Costs vary from $13 to $62
Started by Howard Manning
2 Tiny_1421021011-avatar-mypro Last post by Howard Manning
6 days ago
Thickness of vinyl planking
Started by Jay Y.
24 Tiny_1416832350-avatar-wilseere Last post by Steven Johnson
6 days ago

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