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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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Painted popcorn ceiling? Keep or remove in a rental.
Started by Kenneth Sok
45 Tiny 1429583861 avatar adrians1 Last post by Adrian Smude
20 minutes ago
Best way to fix cracked front door glass?
Started by Roger Vi
3 Tiny 1399308295 avatar luckylarson Last post by Douglas Larson
about 7 hours ago
115.94 Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch Laminate Flooring Cutter
Started by Mary lou L.
2 Tiny 1436412279 avatar larryp Last post by Larry P.
about 11 hours ago
Ways to rent property after High School?
Started by David Alvarez
7 Tiny 1436468385 avatar hayssevilla Last post by David H.
about 15 hours ago
Well Crap. Literally. Advice and Recommendations Requested
Started by Linda Weygant
7 Tiny 1429372241 avatar fuziwan717 Last post by Lois Stern
1 day ago
San Diego Appliances
Started by Jeff Blackwell
11 Tiny 1433829201 avatar 28ben Last post by Ben Andrews
1 day ago
Agent-Investors Staying Organized
Started by Chris Pasternak
6 Tiny 1434944336 avatar jamesw29 Last post by James W.
2 days ago
Getting rid of pet odor (urine)
Started by Gary Marcotte
15 Tiny 1437523392 avatar felipepipe18 Last post by Felipe Ocampo
3 days ago
New Furnace
Started by Benjamin Reemsnyder
1 Tiny 1413300995 avatar qualityc Last post by Colin Smith
3 days ago
Do I Have To Waterproof My Concrete Steps
Started by Missy H.
4 Tiny 1431914072 avatar sexysuperagent Last post by Missy H.
3 days ago
Connecting CPVC to galvanized? CPVC or PEX?
Started by Nick Harrington
17 Tiny 1422213887 avatar jessef2 Last post by Jesse Freeman
4 days ago
Stuck!!! Help BP.
Started by Kheri Mourad
1 Tiny 1437106100 avatar lukemcclure Last post by Luke Mcclure
4 days ago
Buying and flipping
Started by Terry Shelby
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Terry Shelby
5 days ago
What tools?
Started by Senad A.
13 No avatar tiny Last post by Jassem A.
5 days ago
Can I work on property alongside 203K GC?
Started by Jerry Westhoff
5 Tiny 1434028940 avatar jerryw14 Last post by Jerry Westhoff
5 days ago
Building an RV park. Advice needed.
Started by Chantz Ireland
7 Tiny 1399593953 avatar balopez Last post by Belinda Lopez
5 days ago
Recommended DIY Books/Sites?
Started by Ashley Lesieur
8 Tiny 1399407427 avatar dbusiness Last post by Jeff B.
6 days ago
Tenants says there is a problem with AC but.....
Started by Nat Chan
7 Tiny 1399407427 avatar dbusiness Last post by Jeff B.
6 days ago
Super Cheap and Easy Value Add for your Rental
Started by Shannon Sadik
5 Tiny 1432127815 avatar swimmermeg23 Last post by Meghan Reed
6 days ago
Property Management from a distance?
Started by Bryan C.
20 Tiny 1399752887 avatar leimerky Last post by LEO MERVIN ATANACIO
6 days ago

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