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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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Metal Railing Question
Started by Scott Weaner
7 Tiny_1399759008-avatar-nevertheless Sylvia B.
about 3 hours ago
Hiring from craigslist?
Started by Nat Chan
23 Tiny_1414405654-avatar-mannequin1 Nat Chan
about 3 hours ago
Learning Furnace Repair
Started by Michael Herr
5 No_avatar_tiny Cody Everett
2 days ago
toilet replacement labor cost
Started by Sheri Fierro
20 Tiny_1399770595-avatar-sfierro310 Sheri Fierro
3 days ago
Washer/plumbing advice
Started by Daniel Alegre
5 Tiny_1399608296-avatar-ilikemoney Rob K
3 days ago
web site
Started by Ed Kahle
3 Tiny_1410805197-avatar-jason_pachomski Jason Pachomski
3 days ago
Looking for a reliable handyman in the Philadelphia area
Started by Sergio A.
2 Tiny_1413896458-avatar-nicklell Nick Lell
4 days ago
Bulletproof a property?
Started by Kasey Villareal
13 Tiny_1399733365-avatar-billsarge1 Bill Sargeson
4 days ago
Expoxy Countertops-Has Anyone Tried This?
Started by Sandy Uhlmann
9 No_avatar_tiny Derek Woods
5 days ago
Significant creek bank erosion issue potentially threatening house.
Started by Kevin C.
20 Tiny_1411153385-avatar-rrichard Ryan R.
6 days ago
Landscaping overgrown property in Texas
Started by Stephen Camardo
14 Tiny_1399733950-avatar-camandos Stephen Camardo
7 days ago
Replacing galzanized plumbing?
Started by JT Spangler
5 Tiny_1403024141-avatar-arlanj Arlan Potter
7 days ago
Where do I go to check on potential renters?
Started by Charlee Mcwhirter
2 Tiny_1414048366-avatar-northwestnobody Charlee Mcwhirter
8 days ago
Almost Spiritual
Started by Vicki Gleitz
2 Tiny_1399701266-avatar-jordanthibodeau Jordan T.
8 days ago
Advice on Exterior Paint Color
Started by Bryce Y.
15 No_avatar_tiny Rah-sheen B
8 days ago
Replacing Boiler - Plumber willing to let me help and to teach
Started by Connor Dunham
3 Tiny_1407122539-avatar-ctdunham Connor Dunham
9 days ago
Home Inspector Training - Is it worth it for a newbie looking to vet deals independently?
Started by Shashy B.
5 Tiny_1414594487-avatar-thbishop3 Tim Bishop
9 days ago
How to hire hourly help, be IRS compliant, and protect myself from liability EASILY
Started by Joel Stone
1 Tiny_1399716040-avatar-kcinvre William Robison
9 days ago
Great Home Inspection Tips!
Started by Travis Tindell
1 Tiny_1406151211-avatar-landladypreneur Sarabella Johnson
9 days ago
Started by Paul Doane
3 Tiny_1412896350-avatar-bluesail Paul Doane
10 days ago

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