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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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Linoleum roll sheeting for non-profit pet shelter startup flooring?
Started by Neil G.
2 Tiny_1424979173-avatar-neilg1 Last post by Neil G.
about 1 hour ago
Vinyl Click Together Flooring
Started by Ryan Haase
3 Tiny_1410979548-avatar-leroy87 Last post by Joshua Daniels
about 1 hour ago
Bathroom floor - vinyl over vinyl?
Started by Tracie Van Houten
4 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ken A.
about 3 hours ago
Started by Scott French
55 Tiny_1418773436-avatar-ctinvestor Last post by Michael Noto
about 4 hours ago
This DIY may have cost me ,lucky streak LOL
Started by Red Brown
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Red Brown
about 9 hours ago
Unwanted Dirt - How do you get rid of them?
Started by Mark M.
9 Tiny_1402112282-avatar-arey Last post by Aaron Reynolds
about 11 hours ago
rehab techniques for a concrete block framed condo.
Started by Stephen Camardo
0 Tiny_1399733950-avatar-camandos Last post by Stephen Camardo
about 16 hours ago
Has anyone ever used Kilz High Build primer?
Started by Justin C.
17 Tiny_1430152914-avatar-randk2005 Last post by Russ Beck
about 21 hours ago
Kids pulled up carpet in our house and found.....
Started by Mary lou Long
2 Tiny_1424979173-avatar-neilg1 Last post by Neil G.
1 day ago
Ancient Boiler Issues
Started by Jeremy Pace
21 Tiny_1404666328-avatar-kruxeldivik Last post by Jeremy Pace
1 day ago
Tank OR Tankless Water Heaters
Started by Ralph Pena
22 Tiny_1403313351-avatar-nattydread Last post by Roy N.
1 day ago
Discount Supplies
Started by Wendy Vaidic
7 Tiny_1428524565-avatar-carlosm14 Last post by Carlos Montenegro
1 day ago
How bad is moisture in a crawlspace after a rain?
Started by Toben B.
10 Tiny_1428535804-avatar-garya7 Last post by Gary Aye
1 day ago
Should I attempt to wholesale this house?
Started by Nino T. Barone
7 Tiny_1412903379-avatar-harrishomes Last post by Eric Harris
2 days ago
I'm a Plumber/Investor & I'm here to help
Started by David Doyle
140 Tiny_1399662660-avatar-journeyman7243 Last post by David Doyle
3 days ago
What do you buy from
Started by Adrian Chu
2 Tiny_1420219456-avatar-adrianchu Last post by Adrian Chu
3 days ago
Kitchen cabinets (looking for China supplier)
Started by Dustin Barr
12 Tiny_1402112282-avatar-arey Last post by Aaron Reynolds
4 days ago
Refinish pine floors or install 'Pergo" or laminate?
Started by Just Don
29 Tiny_1399550661-avatar-sd20271 Last post by Sean Dantes
5 days ago
Getting rid of ants without harsh chemicals
Started by Joshua Dorkin
25 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Mark Williams
5 days ago
Home Inspector Training - Is it worth it for a newbie looking to vet deals independently?
Started by Shashy B.
11 Tiny_1420219456-avatar-adrianchu Last post by Adrian Chu
5 days ago

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