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Do it Yourself

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This is the forum for discussing Do It Yourself projects. Need help with electrical work? Can't get that sink in correctly? Talk about everything including landscaping, interior design, home improvements, carpentry, electrical work, and more.

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I'm a Plumber/Investor & I'm here to help
Started by David Doyle
160 Tiny 1441382539 avatar bradmm Last post by Brad Smith
about 3 hours ago
Started by Roy Gutierrez
40 Tiny 1399558737 avatar jellicus Last post by Johann Jells
about 3 hours ago
how to dump construction garbage in North Jersey
Started by Diana Tian
7 Tiny 1399565269 avatar jshoreinvstr Last post by Mike D.
about 5 hours ago
Hardwood or carpet?
Started by Debra R.
10 Tiny 1431330483 avatar stevenk4 Last post by Steven Kleppin
about 6 hours ago
Tutorials/advice for painting a whole house myself?
Started by Scott Le
22 No avatar tiny Last post by Scott Le
about 6 hours ago
Help me with Low cost Curb Appeal ideas for this house.
Started by Robert Obniski
15 No avatar tiny Last post by Debbie Mireles
about 6 hours ago
Saved on plumbing and AC service call bills
Started by Larry P.
4 Tiny 1416168525 avatar reflex Last post by Scott Weaner
about 15 hours ago
Flooring advice
Started by Lesley Resnick
17 Tiny 1399509414 avatar jarrodweaver Last post by Jarrod Weaver
about 21 hours ago
Home Depot Paint Sale 9/3-9/7 $40 off five-gallon buckets
Started by Kurt K.
6 Tiny 1411158686 avatar 7differentways Last post by Steve Vaughan
1 day ago
New Furnace
Started by Benjamin Reemsnyder
2 Tiny 1435965589 avatar breemsnyder Last post by Benjamin Reemsnyder
1 day ago
It's not a flip until...
Started by Hugh Ayles
4 Tiny 1435844607 avatar hughsherry Last post by Hugh Ayles
1 day ago
Mystery vents in a 1972 condo in bathroom and kitchen
Started by Janice R.
4 Tiny 1438621065 avatar janlandlord Last post by Janice R.
1 day ago
Remove painted wallpaper or replace drywall?
Started by Eddy Dumire
7 Tiny 1435107034 avatar eddyd Last post by Eddy Dumire
2 days ago
Paint/Epoxy Basement Floor
Started by Kevin C.
4 No avatar tiny Last post by David Handel
2 days ago
All inclusive agency?
Started by Armand Dotsey
2 Tiny 1433981875 avatar dotseyllc Last post by Armand Dotsey
2 days ago
Package Deal 10 * SFR in Memphis, Tennessee
Started by Srikanth Patnam
11 Tiny 1436646711 avatar dougskipworth Last post by Douglas Skipworth
3 days ago
County website over listsource?
Started by Brittany Tucker
3 Tiny 1405290040 avatar pjordan Last post by Peter Jordan
3 days ago
Best heating to install for a total rehab in Northeast
Started by Deb Merrill
3 No avatar tiny Last post by Jon Christensen
3 days ago
Replacement Window Measurement
Started by Eddy Dumire
6 Tiny 1438201488 avatar jwarrenbroker Last post by John Warren
3 days ago
Inexpensive Bandit/Lawn Signs
Started by Carla Ollison
0 No avatar tiny Last post by Carla Ollison
3 days ago

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