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Network with people in your local area, plan and announce local meet-ups, find or form a real estate networking group or club in your area, or just make local friends who share your love for real estate. This forum is also for asking for recommendations for local referrals, though referrals for lenders or loans must be placed in our Marketplace.

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Discussion Replies Last Post
Draftsman - Charlotte, NC
Started by Ashleigh M.
1 Tiny_1399657427-avatar-donandres311 Last post by Andres Piedra
29 minutes ago
Reputablel Southern NH Property Manager
Started by David Bennett
1 Tiny_1399348055-avatar-annbellamy Last post by Ann Bellamy
about 1 hour ago
Indianapolis Turn Key
Started by Bernard Pierson
9 Tiny_1412485424-avatar-yoseph1980 Last post by Joey Noel
about 7 hours ago
Nashville Wholesalers
Started by Cole Melcher
7 Tiny_1422338496-avatar-chrisc14 Last post by Chris Crook
about 8 hours ago
Orlando fl - property manager needed
Started by Mhamed Channaj
2 Tiny_1420479144-avatar-fzanetti Last post by Flavio Zanetti
about 9 hours ago
Started by Sebastian Naczas
0 Tiny_1411176734-avatar-snaczas Last post by Sebastian Naczas
about 10 hours ago
Recommendations for a staging company
Started by Peggy Liu
3 Tiny_1411620972-avatar-peichi Last post by Peggy Liu
about 10 hours ago
General Question: How would you say is the real estate marketĀ“s health in Louisville
Started by Pavel Reyes Valdes
6 Tiny_1421555201-avatar-brianf4 Last post by Brian Faulkner
about 14 hours ago
First Meet Up in Tampa
Started by Dave Bingham
12 Tiny_1420990304-avatar-rosem1 Last post by Rose Mbathi
about 15 hours ago
Minneapolis Meet Up
Started by Shane Setzer
16 Tiny_1413812768-avatar-cre089 Last post by Jared McKie
about 16 hours ago
Wholesaling in Las Vegas, NV
Started by Hugo Lopez
0 Tiny_1420747216-avatar-hugol Last post by Hugo Lopez
about 16 hours ago
Looking for a realtor in sc
Started by Tenzin Yangzom
5 Tiny_1401915528-avatar-sydchasegroup91 Last post by Sydney Chase
about 20 hours ago
Kitchen Cabinets
Started by Jennifer Wagner
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Zachary Pearson
about 20 hours ago
RE: Philadelphia, PA Real Estate Attorney Referral
Started by Aziza Sackett
5 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Aziza Sackett
about 21 hours ago
Oklahoma City CPA... HELP!
Started by Greg Baur
3 Tiny_1421876871-avatar-gregbaur Last post by Greg Baur
about 24 hours ago
Bigger Pockets Atlanta Group
Started by Brandon Schick
34 Tiny_1398784765-avatar-wheatie Last post by Jon Holdman
1 day ago
Power Team Recommendations - Jacksonville, FL - Multi-Family
Started by Nick DeMarco
1 Tiny_1399733336-avatar-projectmaximus Last post by Maxwell Lee
1 day ago
What are the bad areas in Easton, PA?
Started by Ivailo Dimov
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Ivailo Dimov
1 day ago
Property managers in Oakland County, MI
Started by James De Silva
1 Tiny_1399588410-avatar-pharmerjeff Last post by Jeff Rabinowitz
1 day ago
Pasco County Florida
Started by Marlon Santiago
1 Tiny_1421782002-avatar-luisc Last post by Luis Cardona
1 day ago

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