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Network with people in your local area, plan and announce local meet-ups, find or form a real estate networking group or club in your area, or just make local friends who share your love for real estate. This forum is also for asking for recommendations for local referrals, though referrals for lenders or loans must be placed in our Marketplace.

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REI groups in the Pacific Northwest
Started by Gary Waldron
3 Tiny_1399488951-avatar-br Last post by Bryan R.
about 2 hours ago
Is there interest in Galveston, TX?
Started by Ray A.
13 Tiny_1421442818-avatar-raya3 Last post by Ray A.
about 3 hours ago
Nola meetups
Started by Miguel Rodriguez
0 Tiny_1422947826-avatar-migrod Last post by Miguel Rodriguez
about 4 hours ago
Gaithersburg, MD Meeting?
Started by Justin B.
37 Tiny_1425415287-avatar-jkoby Last post by Jay Koby
about 5 hours ago
Suggestions in Denver Metro Area
Started by Lucas Miller
13 Tiny_1418688822-avatar-scotttrench Last post by Scott Trench
about 8 hours ago
Referral for Investor Friendly Agents in San Jose
Started by Jonathan Kobz
2 Tiny_1399610649-avatar-minh Last post by Minh Le
about 9 hours ago
Meetup in Waterloo / Cedar Falls Iowa
Started by Chase Keller
2 Tiny_1418868469-avatar-chasek1 Last post by Chase Keller
about 9 hours ago
Anyone in the SW Houston area Richmond/Sugarland?
Started by Brittany Villamil
2 Tiny_1417414717-avatar-jerryta Last post by Jerry Ta
about 9 hours ago
Miami - Dade / Broward REIA
Started by Mantas Kudrinas
0 Tiny_1425063538-avatar-mantas Last post by Mantas Kudrinas
about 9 hours ago
Alaska Investors?
Started by Keenan Fitzpatrick
19 Tiny_1417022441-avatar-rschau3r Last post by Roy Schauer
about 10 hours ago
Looking to purchase my second rental property in MD/DC/VA area
Started by Soheil Shahami
2 Tiny_1424987565-avatar-soheils Last post by Soheil Shahami
about 10 hours ago
Title Company and Transactional Funding
Started by Don Womble
14 Tiny_1420933648-avatar-donw1 Last post by Don Womble
about 10 hours ago
Investing in Mexico?
Started by Penny I.
1 Tiny_1424349338-avatar-ruta Last post by Ruta Uleviciute
about 11 hours ago
Investor Friendly Attorneys/Title Companies in Raleigh/Durham Area?
Started by Jeff Lee
4 Tiny_1421697154-avatar-jaysonl Last post by Jayson Love
about 11 hours ago
Knoxville Area Closing Company
Started by Thomas Ingram
1 Tiny_1415326631-avatar-topher4235 Last post by Christopher Smith
about 11 hours ago
Looking for a motivated Partner to Take the NOLA Market by storm
Started by Caesar Antoine
0 Tiny_1412366297-avatar-realestatenupe Last post by Caesar Antoine
about 11 hours ago
Licensed contractors in Oakland?
Started by Mark Gagner
0 Tiny_1399687953-avatar-markgagner Last post by Mark Gagner
about 12 hours ago
Short term rental in Shreveport, LA
Started by Chance Williams
6 Tiny_1399600206-avatar-michaelfaulk Last post by Michael Faulk
about 12 hours ago
Shreveport investors
Started by Chance Williams
0 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Chance Williams
about 13 hours ago
Cook County Estimates
Started by Kasey Ryan
2 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Kasey Ryan
about 19 hours ago

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