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Network with people in your local area, plan and announce local meet-ups, find or form a real estate networking group or club in your area, or just make local friends who share your love for real estate. This forum is also for asking for recommendations for local referrals, though referrals for lenders or loans must be placed in our Marketplace.

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Started by Brett Snodgrass
6 Tiny_1411858310-avatar-cmclamb_rdy2lrn Caleb Mclamb
4 minutes ago
Resources for finding out-of-state contacts
Started by Jerry Poon
15 Tiny_1411418122-avatar-gagemilesnwa Gage Miles
35 minutes ago
Looking to network with others in the Charlotte and surrounding area in NC
Started by Shaun Caldwell
1 Tiny_1399650265-avatar-akerr2282 Andrew Kerr
about 3 hours ago
Investing in Reading, PA
Started by Ryan Craig
2 No_avatar_tiny Mason Hickman
about 14 hours ago
Looking to Network In Charlotte, North Carolina
Started by Chad Kennedy
0 No_avatar_tiny Chad Kennedy
about 15 hours ago
Looking for a great Realtor in St George UT area (specifically Pine Valley area)
Started by Robert Adams
6 Tiny_1403307574-avatar-robert_adams Robert Adams
about 18 hours ago
Finding Owners
Started by Daniel K Adderly
2 Tiny_1410077558-avatar-ziongro Daniel K Adderly
about 21 hours ago
Recommendation for commercial real estate attorney near Montgomery, AL
Started by James Lin
2 No_avatar_tiny James Lin
about 22 hours ago
Started by Suzan Suzan
0 No_avatar_tiny Suzan Suzan
about 23 hours ago
Any land investors?? in DFW?
Started by Alexander Bustos
7 Tiny_1399665124-avatar-deehollywood Daren H.
1 day ago
Firestone Park Akron rental property
Started by Karen Russell
0 Tiny_1408491405-avatar-krusty_karen Karen Russell
1 day ago
property management
Started by Frank Francone
1 Tiny_1404396019-avatar-carmlee Lisa Mauritis
1 day ago
Started by Brittaney Woods
1 Tiny_1404396019-avatar-carmlee Lisa Mauritis
1 day ago
Las Vegas Meetups?
Started by Fabian Rivas
5 Tiny_1403307574-avatar-robert_adams Robert Adams
1 day ago
ISO Investor friendly agent and info Great Falls, MT
Started by John Monroe
5 Tiny_1399600206-avatar-michaelfaulk Michael Faulk
2 days ago
Pittsburgh, PA Neighborhoods Poised for Revitalization?
Started by David R.
26 Tiny_1408816344-avatar-daveinpgh David R.
2 days ago
Good Foreclosure Attorney in Georgia
Started by Tim Rackler
2 Tiny_1411852855-avatar-timrackler Tim Rackler
3 days ago
80% ARV or Higher in CA?
Started by Jorge Inzunza
0 Tiny_1399351400-avatar-jorgeinzunza Jorge Inzunza
3 days ago
Baltimore Neighborhoods
Started by Jesse Brown
30 Tiny_1405057697-avatar-sajendra Sajendra N.
3 days ago
Charlotte, NC - Carpeting Recommendations
Started by Jonathan Pliszka
3 Tiny_1410455233-avatar-seinvestors Cindy Bowman
3 days ago

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