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Network with people in your local area, plan and announce local meet-ups, find or form a real estate networking group or club in your area, or just make local friends who share your love for real estate. This forum is also for asking for recommendations for local referrals, though referrals for lenders or loans must be placed in our Marketplace.

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Property Management Companies in Chicago Cicero area?
Started by Richard Young
2 Tiny_1413383762-avatar-realpace Last post by Richard Pace
about 2 hours ago
Champlain Valley REIA (Vermont)??
Started by Samantha Hiscock
6 No_avatar_tiny Last post by Samantha Hiscock
about 2 hours ago
Looking for a property manager in Columbus, Ohio
Started by Tyler Maddox
3 Tiny_1426388205-avatar-kfelger1 Last post by Kevin Felger
about 3 hours ago
Local Meetup - Phoenix Happy Hour
Started by Michael Hacker
19 Tiny_1424453482-avatar-caseym2 Last post by Casey Miles
about 3 hours ago
Any recommendations for Property Management for a duplex in Indianapolis?
Started by Jeb Brilliant
54 Tiny_1428948778-avatar-jebbrilliant Last post by Jeb Brilliant
about 3 hours ago
Philadelphia Networking Event
Started by Mark Callazzo
1 Tiny_1419720069-avatar-jjmatt33 Last post by John Matthews
about 6 hours ago
Milwaukee Bank info
Started by Rodney Moore
2 Tiny_1399668645-avatar-charmed_wi Last post by Dawn Anastasi
about 6 hours ago
Baltimore Neighborhoods
Started by Jesse Brown
38 Tiny_1428367658-avatar-gumercindo Last post by Felipe A.
about 8 hours ago
Looking for an agent in the Sacramento Market!
Started by Rami Aweti
3 Tiny_1429898956-avatar-norcal_goto_guy Last post by Ken Smith
about 8 hours ago
Experienced Multi-Family Realtor MA/NH Needed
Started by Anthony Simboli
0 Tiny_1429640980-avatar-anthonys23 Last post by Anthony Simboli
about 9 hours ago
Where are all the South FL Members?
Started by Russell Tidaback
27 Tiny_1399696659-avatar-ceoinmakn Last post by Marlon Wilson
about 10 hours ago
Can anyone Greater Boston investors recommend a good Eviction Attorney?
Started by Garrett Hogan
6 Tiny_1414076359-avatar-gmh8 Last post by Garrett Hogan
about 13 hours ago
RE groups in Dallas/Fort Worth
Started by Christy D. Starling
0 Tiny_1409629626-avatar-christyds Last post by Christy D. Starling
about 13 hours ago
Charleston SC closing attorneys
Started by Chris Avera
7 Tiny_1399978636-avatar-t1mschm1tz Last post by Tim Schmitz
about 13 hours ago
Newly Licensed Salesperson in Sacramento
Started by Attila Bertalan
6 Tiny_1399751893-avatar-flipping_hun Last post by Attila Bertalan
about 17 hours ago
Moving Back To Illinois
Started by John Van Uytven
4 Tiny_1426213542-avatar-ron_perich Last post by Ronald Perich
about 19 hours ago
Has anyone in Kansas City used Attorney David R. Nachman
Started by Sidney King
0 Tiny_1428885407-avatar-showtime3k Last post by Sidney King
about 23 hours ago
South Florida Investors
Started by Rony Calixte
13 Tiny_1429377259-avatar-ronycal20 Last post by Rony Calixte
1 day ago
Excellent Home Inspector near Syracuse, NY
Started by Corey Demuth
0 Tiny_1427732797-avatar-mizugori Last post by Corey Demuth
1 day ago
Oklahoma Water Metering for Multi-Families/Apartments
Started by Tyler Flagg
3 Tiny_1415928416-avatar-tflagg Last post by Tyler Flagg
1 day ago

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