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  1. Property Managers Stop Buying Traditional Software

    over 7 years ago by Jimmy Rose

    Why do Property Managers continue to spend more money on the total cost of owning traditional property management software when there are many good alternatives to be used on the internet.

  2. Managing for Value – A Guide for the First-Time Landlord (Part One)

    about 7 years ago by Frank Gallinelli

    Basic guidelines for managing your income property successfully.

  3. Incomplete Rental Applications Cost Landlords Profit

    about 6 years ago by Bill Gray

    Financially, many landlords are shooting themselves in the foot. The application process is normally the first place they do so. Incomplete and inaccurate rental applications cost landlords much ne...

  4. Using Networking to Plan Your Property Management Career Part ii

    almost 7 years ago by Michael Monteiro

    In part I, we informed you how to evaluate yourself for a career in property management and how to identify property managers in your network. Part II examines what questions to ask your new netwo...

  5. Finding the Right Location

    over 6 years ago by Michael Monteiro

    When it comes to locating the investment property that’s right for you, you’re shopping not only for the perfect property but also for the neighborhood that best suits your financial goals. In ...

  6. Communicating with Tenants

    over 6 years ago by Michael Monteiro

    The good news is that in this day and age, there are a number of options for keeping tenants updated about property events and updates on a real-time basis. Now it’s up to you to identify the mod...

  7. Got a House for Lease? Learn to Collect Your Rent Quick and Easy

    about 7 years ago by Teo Z.

    If you have a house for lease, it's vital that you learn the quickest and most effective way of collecting rent payments from your tenants. Learn how to ensure steady income from your rental property.

  8. Managing Rental Property Will be No Sweat with These Easy Steps

    almost 7 years ago by Teo Z.

    Managing rental property can be quite pleasant as long as you know what to expect and prepare ahead of time. Follow these simple steps to manage your tenants and rental properties like a pro today.

  9. Wear & Tear: Stay on Top of it

    about 6 years ago by Michael Monteiro

    Wear and tear is a fact of life for every landlord. Since we’ve already spent some time on this blog looking at how to tell the difference between damage and wear and tear, let’s talk about the...

  10. It’s April 15 … Do You Know What Your Deductions Are?

    almost 7 years ago by Michael Monteiro

    Once again, it’s that time of year. While filing taxes may never be your favorite task, chances are tax season will be incrementally better the more deductions you make. The good news is that the...

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